Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thankful Thursday

The key to experiencing joy is practicing gratitude. In Brene Brown's book Braving the Wilderness she says, "When you are grateful for what you have, I know you understand the magnitude of what I have lost". You appreciate your mom? That makes me feel good because I don't have that. I am thankful for a great childhood because I know so many don't get to experience that. Eugene Cho says in Overrated that contentment comes from generosity and gratitude. What are you thankful for today?

I am thankful for:

1. YouTube Videos. I cut my family's hair but could never do my own. I asked Gary to trim my hair multiple times and after he finally agreed to do it once we realized that was a mistake. I would never give myself a big haircut, but a trim, you betcha! I'd link to the video but cannot find the one that I used. Goodbye, split ends. PS Sorry to my hairdresser friends who are probably shuddering.

You can see below that it's not terrible!

2. Burt's Bees Lipstick. You might remember that my goal this year was to wear lipstick every day and I'm doing pretty well with it! I like this lipstick because it was on sale ($8.99), it smells good, feels moisturizing and uses natural ingredients. The other goal was to hug more and I gave up on that after a week. Way too awkward.

3. Our treadmill. I keep having friends challenge me to Fitbit workweek and weekend challenges and with sick kids and Gary gone a lot it is so hard! I use nap time to walk and read at the same time as this book was due at the library and it was so thick. The idea of library fines makes me feel ill.

4. Chicken broth. I bought a Costco rotisserie chicken and used it for two meals and then used the bones to make a broth for a third meal in the Instant Pot! Win. There is a good old blog post coming up about this next week.

5. Puffers and oils. Oh man. Our family got hit last Tuesday with a virus (Nya first, then baby, then Kai, then Gary). I really want everyone all back to normal soon as it's been over a week.

6. Watching Wonder. One of our sick day activities was watching Wonder on Shaw. We never rent movies but it was only $5 and we didn't have the chance to see it in the theatre so win win. They watched it twice in the 24 hours. Great great movie for kids my boys' ages (9 and 11).

7. Library books. I appreciate good recommendations from my Facebook friends and just finished this one last night! It was really good.

8. Coats for Kai. I went to Talize (local thrift store) to look for a size 12-14 coat for Kai and found that plus a 14-16 one. The Ripzone on the left was $12.99 and the Columbia on the right was $14.99. I love that they can be handed down to Koen afterward too. Smart for the environment AND wallet.

9. "New" bike for Kai. I asked on Facebook and here it is: A Norco Katmandu for $40. Again, I love secondhand.

10. Sunny skies. Drone photo by Gary above Hazelgrove Park in Surrey.

I would love to hear what you are thankful for today!



  1. I had to chuckle at your failure of your "more hugging" goal. I would be terrible at that too. I don't think I'd even ever bother setting at as a goal for myself!

    1. Let’s never hug 😂

    2. You guys are so funny! I would probably cut my own hair too if I needed it done more often. I get a cheap trim once every 12-18 months.