Thursday, February 22, 2018

Three Simple Meals Using One Rotisserie Chicken

Several weeks ago I was overwhelmed with the number of kids we had and the schedule we currently juggle. I knew I had to meal plan better and push aside the notion that everything had to be from scratch. We had purchased 1/4 of a cow this fall and were a little beefed out – we needed some variety of the chicken nature. Here are three super simple meals which are healthy-ish, made in under twenty minutes and nice on the wallet too. How do I do it? It all starts with one rottiserie chicken that can be used to make two to three meals depending on the number of people in the family. Great savings, right?!

Three simple and affordable chicken recipes

When I buy my rotisserie chicken from Costco (just $7.99) I take off all the meat as soon as I get home. I place it in the fridge and have it ready to go for the two to three meals I am going to make with it. Do not forget to keep the bones to make chicken stock – another great money saver. All of the main ingredients can be found at Costco for one super simple trip:

  • Baja salad
  • Butter chicken sauce
  • Alfredo sauce
  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • Wraps

Here are three super simple chicken meals:

1. Pasta with chicken, peas and Alfredo sauce.
All you need to do is cook your pasta and add the other ingredients (chicken, peas and pre-made Alfredo sauce) so really it takes just ten minutes and it's a major hit with the whole family. Make sure to add salt.

Three simple and affordable chicken recipes

2. Rice with chicken, peas and butter chicken sauce.
This one takes a bit more time because you need to make rice (four minutes on high pressure in the Instant Pot at a ratio of 1:1) but other than that, in a saucepan add the butter chicken sauce, chicken and peas and you are good to go. Add a side of Naan bread if you are feeling like splurging a little. Throw on some cilantro if you're a fan.

Three simple and affordable chicken recipes

3. Wraps with Baja salad and chicken. This is the fastest meal you can make and it feels good because it's not a heavy. I always try to make sure to have a Costco-sized pack of wraps in my home (some in the freezer). I add Costco's baja salad, chicken, cheese and avocados but black beans and tomatoes would be great, too!

Three simple and affordable chicken recipes

Don't forget to make stock with the remaining bones. I throw them in the Instant Pot with carrots, celery, onions, garlic, thyme, oregano, salt and water. I cook it at one hour under high pressure and manually release. Then use a colander to take out all of the veggies and bones and voila...deliciousness for your meals next week! I divide it up into several containers and freeze it. This is great to make soup or chicken pot pie.

Three simple and affordable chicken recipes

Another favourite meal that is not so fast is my mama's Chicken Roll recipe but that one is a little more time consuming. 

What is your favourite thing to make with a rotisserie chicken?


Are you looking for fast and affordable home cooked meals? These three recipes can be made from one rotiserrie chicken so you have three meals planned at once.

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  1. stir fry over rice, in salad with cashews, orange sections, goat cheese etc. to make a meal