Thursday, February 01, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Oh boy. I sort of feel like venting about how unfun our lives are right now. Can I do that first before I get to the good stuff? I live for adventure and time alone and those two are just not happening right now. Life is extremely busy when Gary is coaching (just means I get to do all the driving) and throw in a couple of babies (we have a foster baby plus daycare 1-year-old three days a week) plus all the appointments and visits and I'm a diaper-changing taxi driver. So so boring. This usually happens every December to March and once I hit Spring Break life is good! Last year we went on the most amazing Caribbean cruise and this year we are going to Arizona so I am very excited about that. Just writing that made me feel better. All right, thank you for letting me vent, on to the good stuff.

This week I am thankful for:

1. Deals. I had an hour to stop in at Value Village with baby and picked up these snowpants for Kai. They are in perfect condition and a great MEC brand and are the next size up so should be good for grades 7-9 at least! Brand new price: $100 Purchased price: $20. They are the special Recco ones with technology for search and rescue.

2. Sushi with dad and sisters. I normally work Fridays but it was exam period so was able to meet with family for lunch! So nice to just have one baby with me. 

3. Baking with Kai. Gary was at a tournament on Saturday so Kai and I spent two hours doing the baking for the week. We do two batches of everything to get Koen's gluten free baking done too. Unfortunately Koen ate both a donut and cupcake on Sunday (full of gluten) which makes me so frustrated that I put all this time into making sure his food is gluten-free.

4. Moments with the boys playing nicely-ish. Honestly the hardest part of parenting right now is the relationship between these two. Kai is Koen's best friend but they fight all. the. time. I'm exhausted by it and beyond frustrated. I'm so done with repeating myself and having to make my expectations clear and being stressed at events with other people because my boys can't handle themselves together. On their own or with other kids they are a piece of cake. At night when they are chatting in their beds from 8-9 PM they are perfect together. Here they are playing's a video game.

5. Signs of spring. January showers bring...February showers?

6. Quiet moments. Ah. Exhale. Sweet. Calm. 

7. Hockey. I love Tuesday nights. Our team came together for the first time this season and I hope we continue to play together. 

8. Nya's new desk. It was on sale at Ikea for $79 and my sister Maria picked it up for us! Nya looooooves her new "Art Studio". We're going to get a bulletin board for her room to display her work.

9. Our home. It's on the smaller side but very well loved and used. We bought at a great time and we see the light at the end of the mortgage tunnel! Oh, and I'm thankful for 8:30 PM when everyone is in bed.

10. Healthy kids! Honestly we've never had such a healthy winter (dare I say it?). Maybe it helps having older kids? Next week involves two specialist appointments but it's all good – thankful for resources close by.

What is something that YOU are thankful for today?



  1. I'm thankful I have rediscovered the joy of reading. I'm also thankful for friends who have recommended/lent books they thought I would like...and I did. Such a great way to unwind at the end of the day.