Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

You never know what a week will bring and this one is bringing us a new child. The plan is for her to join our home tomorrow so this will be brief. With three months of doing relief in foster care which was so needed, we have said "yes" to a short term placement so we'll see how it goes. In the meantime I better read up on my tips for the first week of fostering again! This week I am thankful for:

Rowena's Inn and Sandpiper Golf Course

2. Hearty meals. We've really been working on making everything from scratch and eating more vegetarian dishes. This Vegan Black Bean Soup was great! 

Vegan Black Bean Soup

3. My dad babysitting Nya for a few hours! She is still on half days and I was asked to work so he picked her up in the sports car and took her to Starbucks.

Rowena's Inn Fountain

4. Diving into Braving the Wilderness. I love it. It's challenging. I have a lot of library books to read too so because I bought this one I'm going through it slowly. I'll be sure to share some wisdom nuggets!

Braving the wilderness

5. A family day in the sun. Saturday was nice and sunny so we went walking at Campbell Valley Park. It's a beautiful park in Langley that I recommend checking out, it's one that we visit the most.

Campbell Valley Park

6. A husband who works hard. We had to remove the sink and countertops for the template of our new counters. He removed the old ones at 9:30 pm and then put them all back on the next day because our counters aren't coming for three weeks.

7. Kai going to band camp. I'm excited for him and looking forward to hearing how it went. I'm not worried about him when he goes away and I'm just curious how many of those jube jubes make it back. He bought them with his bottle collecting money from this summer.

8. Discovering a new thrift store in our neighbourhood! It's called "For the Love of Thrifting" and I look forward to supporting them more.

For the Love of Thrifting

9. New desks. We've gone through a few set ups over the years and we're back to side-by-side work stations. Not looking pretty yet but nice to have our own space again. Ikea for the win! PS Yes, our printer is huge but I am not going to get an inkjet one ever again.

Ikea desks

10. Nya loving school yet having the option to stay home two days a week. Why did we decide to do that? My hope is that with two days of rest at home, she will be able to stay strong and healthy throughout the school year. She's done so well over the past few months asthma wise and I'm really hoping it stays that way!

What is something that you are thankful for?


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