Friday, September 15, 2017

Flying in the Fraser Valley

Today was a special day for Nya as it was her first flight with my dad! It was very last minute so I wasn't sure how she would feel when I picked her up from school and told her we were going flying. She was so excited! It may have had something to do with the fact that I said we were going to a fancy restaurant and she asked if she could use her fancy voice. Yes, she could use her fancy voice.
We met my dad at the Langley airport and off we went!

Flying in the Cessna 172
The flight to the Sandpiper Golf Course and Rowena's Inn on the River is about 20 minutes long which is what I am most comfortable with. This was just my third flight with my dad. I do okay except for the turbulence and heat as it gets quite stuffy up there.

Langley Airport

The view along the Fraser River is so beautiful and the highlights for Nya were talking into the headset and the turbulence we experienced (probably because I would scream a little each time).

Flying above the Fraser River

Greenhouses alond the river in the Fraser Valley

Below you can see Rowena's and The Sandpiper. That strip along the water is where you land!

Rowena's Inn and the Sandpiper

The Harrison area is absolutely gorgeous, especially on a day like today!

Harrison Mills from the sky

You pretty much land on the the edge of the golf course and walk across it to the restaurant.

Rowena's Inn

Nya had chicken strips and fries....

Eating at Rowena's Inn

...while I had the salmon burger. It was very good!

Salmon Burger at Rowena's Inn on the River

This is a video of the take off from the Sandpiper–isn't it beautiful?! I would say it's the landings that I am the most stressed about. 

It's a tight fit inside the plane! My dad always asks if I want to fly but I just can't. Only if I was in Amazing Race Canada would I do it. 

The photo below shows where the beautiful bright blue Harrison River meets the silty Fraser River, the difference is shocking.

Harrison River meets the Fraser River

What a great flight with my dad. Although I'm nervous to fly, I have to remember that he is a very experienced pilot and we're much safer up there than on the ground. In 2014, he circumnavigated Canada if you want to read about it here.

Have you been up in a small plane? Would you?



  1. The salmon burger looks amazing!!! The difference between the two rivers is unreal!!! I have been in a small plane before...I liked it, and i would do it again.

    1. The salmon burger was so good! You know how sometimes they dry out? Not the case at all!

  2. So fun!! You are brave and Nya is adorable.

    1. It was really fun (while sweating profusely). And yes, I think she's pretty adorable too.