Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How to Make Your Child's Birthday Extra Special with Netflix

I remember when I was younger calling the news station to ask them to wish my mom a happy birthday. They would often announce special birthdays at the end of the newscast and although hers wasn't a special one (100th or above!) it was such a delight to hear it announced on TV. Over the years we have also submitted photos to our local TV station for our own kids as they would do birthday announcements with the addition of a photo. Now alongside your annual tradition of the birthday bumps (do you do them? Our kids LOVE it) you can get your kid's favourite characters singing to them for their birthday using Netflix...

Netflix Happy Birthday
There are fourteen different options to choose from and I know that my kids would LOVE Pokemon the most. All you have to do is go into the Search bar on Netflix and type in "Birthday Songs" and you will see all of the options – just like it is pictured below.

How to Get Netflix Birthday Song
Screen shot from Netflix

I showed the Pokemon "Happy Birthday" to them this morning and they loved it – too bad the next birthday in our family isn't until January! I'm wishing they had an adult version as well. I wouldn't mind Harvey Spector and Mike Ross (from Suits) or Walter White (Breaking Bad)! Who would you choose for yours?  Let me know if you use it and what your kids think.


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