Thursday, August 31, 2017

Three Delicious Recipes for the Lunch Box

I recently bought bento boxes for the kids' lunches in order to first prevent waste from individual packaging and lost lids and then save time from trying to find lids and then having to wash individual containers. Another thought going into lunch making is that I want healthy food options for them each day. Well, this has always been my intention but sometimes when life gets busy, pre-packaged foods get thrown hastily into a bag. A recent visit to the naturopath has reaffirmed that we need to be more intentional about things like preservatives and food dyes. 

Here are three recipes that I tried this week that I thought were major hits:

Bento Box Lunch Ideas
1. Pizza Buns from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. The whole family LOVED these and you can add whatever you like inside the rolls.

Making Pizza Buns

Pizza Buns

2. Egg-Free Chocolate Banana Muffins from Vegetarian Times. I made both mini and full size ones. They freeze well so I have a bag in the freezer ready to go.

Banana Chocolate Muffins

3. No-Bake Chewy Granola Bars from My Kitchen Escapades. Make sure you boil the butter, honey and brown sugar for the exact amount of time and add any toppings you like–I went for a few chocolate chips sprinkled on top.

No Bake Granola Bars

These are tried at true and hits with all of the kids and I'm thankful for this community for always sharing great ideas! Please join us on Facebook for more discussions and feel free to pin here for later:

Bento Box Recipes



  1. Rachel8:02 PM

    Maybe this is a silly question but do you think at recess they will just open it up and grab one of the snacks? Or will you pack an additional recess snack. I was thinking of getting a Bento box for my son who is going into kindergarten but I wonder if it'll be too clunky to have to take the while thing out...maybe I'm over thinking this but I am a first time mom and is my kid going to be okay without me? Lol!

    1. Not a silly question! At my kids' school, they take their entire lunch kit to their desk for snack time. My grade 6 boy will be big enough to figure it out (I hope!) and I'll always pack a snack that can be taken out.