Sunday, August 20, 2017

When You Don't Want to Netflix Alone

Although I love alone time, I also really appreciate cuddling up with Gary at the end of the day and watching a show together. With a snack, of course. Then comes the issue which was never taught in premarital counseling: How to choose a Netflix show that both of you can agree on. If I was on my own I'd spend most of my time on shows like The Fosters and Switched at Birth but Gary is definitely not into that sort of thing. He needs cooking (yes), superheroes and sports. So, here are a few shows that we have convinced each other to watch:

Gary encouraged me to watch:

1. Last Chance U. This show really gives you an idea of the football culture in the U.S. (specifically the south) which I didn't know a lot about. I do love football, though and enjoyed Friday Night Lights so this worked for me. Their head coach Buddy Stephens will drive you crazy and the language is atrocious but I found it interesting.

Last Chance U
Screen shot from Netflix
2. Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil. It took me a couple of episodes to get into each one but I'm glad that I did! If violence isn't your thing, stay away. I now know a whole lot more about superheroes than I ever did growing up; there's a lot more than just Spiderman and Superman! Another cool aspect is the interconnectedness of the shows–characters from one show up in the other series.  I just noticed that there are two new ones called Defenders and Iron Fist on Netflix now, might have to check those out next–have you seen them?

Screen shot from Netflix
I encouraged Gary to watch:

Atypical: It's a series that looks into the life of a teen with high-functioning autism (what used to be known as Aspergers). I have only watched the first three episodes and find it interesting but it's not the best storyline in regards to the mom. I believe it's great to help teach others about the sensory and social issues involved with it. I don't think we will watch the entire series but it was good to see a few episodes together as we are teachers and have loved ones on the spectrum.

Ozarks: In case you ever wondered what it was like to be a money launderer, this is for you. If you liked Breaking Bad, you'll probably like this show. We just finished the series and all I have to say is "Oh Darlene" (insert sad face).

We encouraged the kids to watch:

The kids would just rewatch Pokemon XYZ or Teen Titans and try to convince me to (not happening) so it took some persuading but we chose some good movies for movie night...

The Mighty Ducks: The boys love hockey so we thought it would be a hit and it was! It is made for kids 8+ so Nya was not into it as much.

Queen of Katwe: This was a great way for the kids to see a bit more about what challenges people in the world have. The boys really enjoy playing chess so that is how we enticed the to watch it. It is rated PG and for kids 11+ but we felt comfortable with our kids watching it.

I would love to hear what other movies would be great for our family movie night's on Fridays! Is there something you're glad you were persuaded to watch?


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  1. We've just started Riverdale - not sure how I feel about it yet. We still really like Good Wife!

    1. And I still have not watched either of those!! My list is getting loooooong :)

  2. I watched all the seasons of House of Cards, but haven't found anything since that is a must see like that series.

  3. Our Life in Pieces is hilarious and touching.