Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Each week I take some time to write about ten things that I am thankful for as it helps me to stay in a positive head space. So, here we go.

This week I am thankful for:

1. Being able to grow fruit. We have a tiny yard but thankfully tomatoes are always easy to grow. I love my little gardener with her socks pulled up nice and high.

2. My brave biker. Koen hasn't been great on his bike but after a week of camp he was willing to try so much more and was feeling confident!

3. Our home. I'm thankful that I feel so content in our home. Sure, a bigger yard and kitchen would be lovely but this works really well for our family (as long as Gary and I aren't cooking together). We've been here for almost 12 years and don't plan on leaving at any point.

4. Gift cards! We went to the Olive Garden as a family because of a gift card that we had. Those kids love their bread sticks. 

5. Time to read. We usually have an extra kid in our home once every two weeks or so and it has given me so much more time and freedom. I can leave my own kids unattended playing while I go read in my room. Heavenly.

6. New recipes to try out. This was recommended by my friend Laura and is from Mennonite Girls Can Cook Pizza Buns. I'm going to be putting them in their school lunches as it was a major hit!

7. Monkey bars. Our boys are very active. The trampoline has been a lifesaver but these ninja warriors can always use more. Our yard is tricky so monkey bars were perfect in this narrow space! I found some local metal bars on Craigslist but that would require cementing them into the ground (time Gary doesn't really have now) so this wooden set (also on Craigslist) is self-standing and can also be put in the basement in the winter. It cost a bit more but I'm hopeful it's worth it. I've already bought some attachments online for it.

8. Kindergarten! Nya Bear is going to kindergarten. She'll actually just be going three days a week so I don't feel sad about it, I'm actually really excited for her because I know she will LOVE it. She loves being social, crafts, singing and drawing. I'm not a super social singing crafter so she will get her fix there ;) I'm looking forward to hopefully working 1-2 days a week and having a day all to myself to get caught up on life!

9. Haircuts are done. Nya's is easy as it only has to be done a couple of times a year but doing the boys is not my favourite as it's ever 6 weeks or so! I convinced Kai to get a trim on the long part on top so we'll see how long he grows it for. 

10. Gary and I have a date day coming up! The plan is to go out on our new Stand Up Paddleboard, out to Uli's for dinner (we've never been and it's been recommended to us) and do some shopping in South Surrey. I would've loved to have gone to Mt. Baker but I'm not crossing the border on the long weekend.

We were supposed to go to Green Lake but it ended up being rented out so we're sticking close to home this weekend. What are you going to be getting up to?


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