Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

We have been home from holidays for almost a week now and I haven`t pulled out my real camera yet! So, excuse the camera phone photos. This week I am thankful for:

1. A safe road trip. Over 4,000 km`s and all went well. There was only one time where our van was almost injured (going over a giant piece of metal at 130km/hr) but everything was okay. 

2. A replacement phone for Gary. His phone/wallet was on top of the car driving in Abbotsford and was run over multiple times. The phone did not survive but my brother-in-law and nephew found all of his cards back (yahoo!). A friend offered her old phone to replace Gary`s which means it didn`t cost us anything in the end (other than some extra stress and a second drive back to Abbotsford).

3. New glasses. I wanted a second pair for fun. Yup. My whole life I've just had one pair every two years because that's what covered. Well, when Gary needed reading glasses I found a 2 for 1 on and got myself a fun purple pair. I still love my black ones but love that I can mix it up.

4. My bed. I love our bed. King size. After sleeping on random beds/thermarests with my family for 23 days this past month it sure is nice to have a bed to myself (well, with Gary). In June we got a new bed frame and duvet cover which makes it feel even better.

5. Koen on the mend. We had two Little Ones with us for two days and one brought a lovely gastric bug. Poor Koen was hit so hard. If he has no energy to bug his siblings and no desire to eat you know he's quite sick. It was a quiet two days from him (although Gary had one really long night sleeping on his floor).

6. Renovations starting. I'm so nervous about it for some reason. Our floor is functionally okay so I feel torn about replacing it. It would be to update our home. I'm nervous about going from laminate to vinyl because it's a lot more work (height difference) and hopefully I end up loving the darker colour I chose. I like light and bright so dark makes me unsure.

7. Getting out of jury duty. It was set for the first day of school which would be so tricky as we don't have people that can bring our kids back and forth (and I would be so sad to miss it especially with Nya going to kindergarten!) and thankfully that excuse was good enough. 

8. Pediatric Asthma Clinic. We finally got Nya in and she had her first appointment yesterday. I so wish I could've gone years ago but we'll take what we learned and apply it to this upcoming year.

9. Fillings done. I have a permanently dislocated jaw so any dental work hurts. I had two fillings on Tuesday and then one more today. Now if only our new insurance policy actually covered them a bit more...makes it may worse when you're paying hundreds of dollars for discomfort.

10. Summer produce. We are committed to eating more vegetarian meals and it's so easy in the summer with all the fresh fruits and berries available! 

We're going to try to get away for another night or two next week so hopefully something works out amongst the floor renovations and we can find a place with availablity. Really hoping that the smoke moves on soon...

What are you thankful for today?



  1. Jury duty!!! I have to say, doing jury duty 6ish years ago was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I totally get why you wouldn't be able to do it though!! Just sayin'.... a lot of people hate on jury duty!! :)

    1. I would like to one day! With kids though anything extra like that is so tricky. Maybe when they're a bit older--I'll keep what you said in mind 😊