Thursday, June 08, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:
1. Hockey. We are now in the playoffs. Is it okay that I hope Koen's team places second? The first place goes the provincials and we will be on holidays at that time and I really don't want Gary and Koen staying behind. Also, Nya's preschool grad is the same day and time as the finals of the playoffs so I'm going to have to miss the final game anyway. I am very thankful for the way this sport has brought Gary and the boys together and that it has been a major confidence boost for Koen. You should hear Gary coaching (assistant)–you would think these were high school boys rather than grade1's, it's pretty intense stuff!

2. Roses. You know how certain smells transport you back to awesome memories. For me it's roses, diesel gas, and fresh apple crisp. What does it for you?

3. One win! Where Koen's team has won a lot of games, Kai's team finally won one in the last game of the regular season. I was so happy for them and Kai got his hat trick that he has been waiting for :) 

4. Our Little Lovie. On Saturday our two Littles (emergency foster care placement) moved to a long term loving home and then we were able to have a good visit with our sweet Little One. He lived with us for almost 2 years and we haven't had him in our home for almost 3 months (although I have seen him once a few times)! The visit was perfect and we all laughed and smiled so much. We hope to have many more visits in the future.

5. An empty room. We have been fostering for two years now and I know that we need a break to catch up on life and regroup. I'm thankful that we have the room for another child but we will be waiting until September (as I reminded my social worker of twice–I can't have a phone call because saying "no" is so very hard for me). We'll be setting up a crib this time just in case...

6. Family movie nights. We haven't been able to have a good one for the past three months so it feels so good to be able to cuddle up and actually watch a movie! We watched The Mighty Ducks.

7. Moments when the kids really step up. Mornings before school were a pretty stressful time so Koen would sometimes read a book to the Littlest and Nya would "read" to the other. I'm thankful for those moments of peace.

8. A new carpet! Ordering online is so scary to me because there's no way I want to deal with returns for such a big product. I messaged with a friend two possible carpets and then decided on this one from Wayfair. I love how light and soft it is. We had a shag carpet before but having kids with allergies made me want to change to something that was easier to clean! 

9. Bubbles. Such great entertainment for ages 0-5, right? 

10. Ballet. We love Monday mornings because that means ballet at the recreation centre with Anelia (she's awesome!). Nya has two little buddies in the class which makes it so fun. 

Being back to a family of five feels amazing; it has been a long time since it's just been us. Suddenly I have so much more freedom–on Wednesday morning Gary brought the boys to school and I sat in my pj's with a coffee and a book until 9 AM while Nya just did crafts. It. Was. Amazing. 

What is something that YOU are thankful for today?



  1. I am so glad that you are having some time to regroup and relax a little (before school gets out!) We had a wonderful couple of days in Montreal, part of which was going to our youngest son's convocation at McGill University! Another proud moment as parents! Montreal is looking extra spiffy this year as they are celebrating their 375th anniversary.

    1. I can't even imagine how proud I would be!! So awesome. Glad you had a great time in Montreal-such a great city.