Thursday, June 01, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Every week I take 20 minutes to reflect on all I'm grateful for. Well, I do this throughout the week but intentionally here. Every time I think "Oh, this Thankful Thursday business is getting old, who even reads it?", someone sends me a message telling me what they appreciate about it so I will continue! I guess if no one reads it is still healthy for me to carry on with it.

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1. A new bed! Happy anniversary to us. We got it on sale at IKEA and then a week later the duvet cover was on sale. Win win (besides paying bridge tolls twice). I also had an hour to read in bed on Tuesday and it was heavenly and when I have more time I will do it more often! 

2. A home for the Littles. Maybe. Well, we've known about the possibility of this home for almost two months but I think it's finally going to happen (we've been saying that for weeks though). Everything moves so incredibly slow with the ministry, well, except for the initial placements which are "Hey, I have two kids for you in one hour" "Here they are! Good luck!" type things. I can't share details but I feel 100% confident and comfortable with this placement and am thankful that they are familiar (and love) this caregiver already. There were two big things important to me: the kids stay together and that they have a solid transition period between homes. The kids painted frames and chose what photo they wanted to put in it. I also printed photos for them which they loooooove looking through. Hoping to stay in touch with these two and thankful for a transition period for all involved. That said...there is still no "official word" so we wait...

3. Kai taking the initiative to make some money. He set up a popsicle stand at the local water park as we had a super hot weekend. He loaded up the cooler, made a couple of signs, and sold for about 1 hour in the morning and again in the evening for several days in a row. Proceeds go to this bank account and the food bank. He wasn't embarrassed at all (I was!) and made about $40.

4. Koen's biking. He as improved so much! It's tricky for him coordination wise and he's getting there. I'm still fearful he won't stop in time but as long as we stick to safe-ish locations I think it will be okay. I'm wondering if the handlebars need to be raised--thoughts?

5. Our 12th wedding anniversary. Gary's parents bought us flowers so we didn't have to ;) We didn't celebrate yet but we will!

6. Bikes! I'm glad we held on to Nya and Koen's old bikes and can pass them on. The kids love them and will take them (and their helmets) to their new home. Nya is definitely the most cautious of the bunch while the others just zoom zoom zoom.

7. New capris and shoes! I love how these capris fit and I had asked on Facebook about shoes. Now, I need support and many people suggested Skechers. They have memory foam so they are soft but they don't have the arch support. However, I found a steal of a deal and bought them. Did you know the Skechers Outlet in Langley has their clearance 70% off on weekends? I got these for $38 (regular $95 before tax).

8. A good book to read! At The Water's Edge; it's good so far!

9. Nya liking "school work". After Kindergarten Day she realized that she should probably start drawing pictures rather than scribbles and try to colour in the lines. She asked to do some printing too. It is so incredibly easy to get her to do work well. I have taught her the least in regards to reading and writing compared to her brothers but she picks it up very fast, I'm not concerned.

10. An independent crafter. She can sit for an hour and work on craft activity. This is a first for our family and it is dreamy.

Well, that's our week! If you can keep us (and all involved) in your prayers for #2, I would really appreciate it. 

What are you thankful for today? 



  1. I hope the placement for your foster children works out and that the transition is smooth (and soon!) I see that Nya is left-handed - are any of the rest of you left-handed?

    1. Today was stressful in regards to the placement plan but it looks like all is good to go! And yes, she is left-handed just like Kai!