Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

I spent the whole day in Whistler yesterday (yeehaw!) and then realized that today was Thursday so let's see what I can quickly whip up for a Thankful Thursday post alongside the obvious–Whistler getaway!

This week I am thankful for:

1. Five five-year-olds. When the grandkids turn five, my dad and Nana Jo take them to Montana's. This year they had a big group to take–so cute!

2. Date night. Gary and I have had a Keg gift certificate for over a year and we finally used it this past week once we had some babysitting in place (thank you to the Kids Care program at our church!). It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary from a few weeks ago.

3. Being able to go to the kids' Sports Day. I had to work but could still go at lunch to see what they were doing. They actually don't seem to care if I'm there or not but I'm going to err on the side that they do care a little.

4. Some orthodontic coverage. We have $1500 lifetime coverage per kid which is not a lot BUT I will focus on the fact that at least we have some. Kai Bear better smile non stop after this year!

5. Netflix. I love having it to work out on the treadmill and there's a new season of Switched at Birth AND The Fosters. Good times.

6 + 7.  Louise Day up at Whistler. Walks to waterfalls and a spa day. I had plans to go up to Whistler on my own but didn't know which day until very recently as it depended on the kids schedules. I was able to switch Nya's daycare day to Wednesday and away I went! I love Whistler and I'll be writing about what I did but spoiler alert: Scandinave Spa is the place for me!

Scandinave Spa
Scandinave Spa requires that you be silent!

8. A win! I put together a cooking video on Instagram for Better Together and won a $250.00 gift card for Amazon. Kai does get some of it as he did the cooking portion.

9. Time to spend with my kids. It was tricky before with the two littles because they required so much of my attention. Koen really wanted to play a one-on-one basketball game and it was fun. He also wanted to play Monopoly but I suggested Candyland (sooooooooooooo much shorter).

Springfree Trampoline

10. A great hockey season. Kai's team had their last game on Tuesday night and I was so proud of how hard they played. They were up against the top team and never gave up. Koen still has a few more rounds to go...

Minor Ball Hockey

I would love to hear something that YOU are thankful for today.


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    Okay, so we bought a staircase bunkbed.