Friday, December 16, 2016

What We're Watching on Netflix

We have a family movie night on Fridays (along with pizza!) but Gary and I enjoy a good documentary or comedy series once the kids are in bed.  We cuddle up on the couch with the Christmas tree lights in the background and a warm beverage in hand (well, Gary actually drinks water...boring but healthy).  This is what we have been watching on Netflix this past month and I'd love to hear what you are into.


The White Helmets:
If you have been wondering what has been going on in Syria, this 40 minute documentary will give you an idea. It is devastating and informative.  I felt so helpless wondering how to support those that are fleeing for their lives, this is the organization I donated to.

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Fittest on Earth: This 1 hour and 44 minute documentary follows some of the most extreme athletes in CrossFit competitions.  Their pull ups left me in awe as I think I can do one.

Miss Representation: A look into how media portrays women contributing to fewer women in leadership roles.  An important topic, especially as parents, to discuss with our kids what they are seeing all of the media around them.

Autism in Love:  Following the romantic relationships of some adults with autism spectrum disorder.  It is classified as romantic but I also think it's informative.

The Ivory Game: An emotional and educational story covering the illegal network of ivory trafficking and the dramatic decrease of elephants because of it.  I visited Tanzania while in Kenya and I have seen those elephants first hand.


Life in Pieces: I was looking for something that would make me laugh and this one did the trick! It's a Parenthood meets Modern Family kind of show.  I love how it's only 20 minutes long and put into four short chapters. I highly recommend this show.

The Crown: I haven't taken much of an interest in the royal family in the past but this fills my Downtown Abbey void AND Gary watches it with me.  A very interesting way to learn about history and the monarchy.  Highly recommend.

A Moody Christmas: I'm not into a lot of Christmas movies (gasp) so we were looking for something seasonal to watch and came across this quirky show.  It's about Dan Moody leaving England each Christmas to visit his family in Australia.

Gilmore Girls:A Year in the Life: This is set a decade after the original series and follows the main characters through four seasons of change.  I enjoyed it and predicted the last sentence.  Summer was my least favourite with the musical.

Black Mirror (Season 3 Episode 1): I only watched the episode "Nosedive" (each episode is not related to the next so you don't need to watch in a particular order) and found it such an interesting take on social media. It is a somewhat futuristic look at it and I am now more afraid for my children navigating it!

Finally, a big high five to Netflix for having non stop entertainment for Nya while she's been fighting bronchitis.  She loves her My Little Pony and Equestria Girls!

What have you been watching lately?


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  1. So I just finished watching Autism in Love. I had started it a while ago, but never finished it, and it had been on my mind since you mentioned it in this post. Super interesting for sure. Lenny had me bawling in the segment where he's talking in the park at the picnic table. Heartbreaking on so many levels. Thanks for sharing your list. Aside from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Fuller House Season 2, I recently finished watching Psych (kinda cheesy but not bad) and Jane the Virgin. Not sure if you'd like Jane the Virgin, but it's oddly fascinating and filled with comedy, drama and murder - a mix of things I typically don't enjoy all together - yet it got me hooked. I was stoked when it came on Canadian Netflix because I originally started watching it on US Netflix when I had access to it.

    1. It is interesting for sure! I might have to check out Psych :)