Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1.  Safe Flights! We had three flights total for our trip to Disneyland and each one had a delay!  From a bomb threat at LAX to weather to a plane part, there was something at each one.  So glad that our whole family was healthy on the plane as we have had some terrible flu bugs/food poisoning/Dengue Fever on past trips.

2.  A chance for our family to get away. Vacations are important to me and when you are working around the schedule of a foster child, it can be tricky!  We found a pocket of 5 days that would work and went for it.  So thankful for this time as a family of five.  Huge high five to my friend Leah who was "on call" for the weekend and took great care of our Little One. 

3. Being able to do some evening events at Disneyland.  Our kids are finally at the age where we can push them a bit more and not pay for it the next day.  We did World of Color and Paint the Night and would have done the fireworks if they weren't cancelled due to wind.

4.  Their relationships.  It's not easy between the three of them (both boys fighting to play with Nya, Koen having a harder time staying calm, different interests, boys wrestling) but overall, they love each other deeply and are willing to do the Teacups or Carousel over and over for their little sister (or Star Tours for big brothers!).

5.  Koen doing his own thing.  Often it drives me crazy but he doesn't care what other people think (this is similar to Gary).  That's a good thing when so many of us care too much.  Here he is laying on the ground happily instead of standing in the line–fine with me! PS I did Mickey's Fun Wheel for him and I will never do that ride again.  Being stopped at the top of a giant ferris wheel is one of my least favourite feelings.

6.  Special lunch with Nya.  I don't often do the "splurge" items but we had lunch at Ariel's Grotto on our trip which was a highlight for both of us.  I think Nya would have loved if I had dressed up too (she said it several times) but it was so great to meet the princesses and enjoy some good food! It was an hour of rest during a busy day.

7.  Cousins!  Nya is so lucky to have so many cousins.  She had a playdate with G last week and today we celebrated H's 5th birthday!

8. Stroller.  Being that we were running around the airport or parks all day, a stroller was key for Nya.  She's the weakest of the kids (I think it's her little lungs and always being sick) so she was in it most of the time. It also allowed her to sleep at night if we were out late!  

9.  Electronic devices.  There was no TV or wifi on the plane (well there was wifi but we didn't download the WestJet App prior to flying–take note).  At least on our layovers our kids could indulge in some Netflix!

10.  A patient husband. I am not always the easiest to live with as I tend to get stressed out.  He is so patient and accomodating.

11.  A new nephew!  Yeehaw!  He was born right before we left on our trip so I could leave knowing all was well :)  He looks like a sweet cross between his cousin and his brother.  AND NOW THERE IS ANOTHER FAMILY IN OUR EXTENDED FAMILY WITH TWO BOYS–it's a unique dynamic, we are not alone.   Nya is desperate for a baby sister but that will not happen. Not biologically anyway!

I hope you are having a great week and can take some time to reflect on what you are thankful for today!



  1. #1. Way to keep cool on all those delayed flights!
    #7. Love that cousin photo!
    #8. Glad you took the stroller for Nya when she was just getting over being sick
    #11. Congratulations on the new nephew!
    I am thankful today that my youngest son arrived home for the Christmas holidays - haven't seen him in over 4 months!

    1. Yay! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  2. Steve 100% agrees with you about Mickey's Fun Wheel. Noah loved that ride, though.