Thursday, December 08, 2016

Thankful Thursday

As I said last week, having an "attitude of grattitude" can reduce your cortisol levels.  Besides, who likes hanging out with a complainer pants? This week I am thankful for:

1.  Easy dinner ideas. These are mini pizzaas on English muffins as recommended by The Write Balance. 

2.  Leap Pads.  Our kids all loved them under the age of six.  I was watching the videos that Nya recorded on hers and there are a whole lot of me parenting that I had no idea she filmed!

3.  Christmas tree is up!  I put it off for a while because it seemed like a big task--not sure why.  Love having more lights in the home.

4.  Snow.  It is so pretty and we have snow tires and snow gear so it's all good!

5.  Family walk in the sun.  We snuck one in before the cold weather came–we haven't done the Tynehead loop in a while!

6.  Snuggles from my kids.  Koen said he wanted to kiss me in a picture--he can be so sweet.

7.  Time with grandparents!  Nana Jo and Opi made gingerbread houses with the kids while Gary and I snuck off to a local Donair place (Fast Donair and Falafel in Clayton Heights--yum!!)

8.  Crafts.  I'm not very Pinteresty but Koen came home with this book from the library and they made a few of them!

9.  Movie time.  Family time.  How much longer until they are "too cool" to cuddle with me?

10.  A beautiful night at VanDusen Gardens!  We went after the kids had their vaccinations (not ideal planning) and it took their minds off it and they had a wonderful time!  I had never been there for their Festival of well done!

11.  Snowshoeing date with myself.  I usually work once a week but it looked like I wasn't going to be called in so I took advantage of my weekly daycare situation and took off to the mountain.  Oh how I need adventure in my life.

12.  Dresses for Nya.  I was looking for some Disney dresses for Nya and asked a friend if she had one that her kids had outgrown.  I went to pick it up and in the bag were many gorgeous outfits which Nya is in awe over...just given to me :)  Can't wait for Nya to see WHY I wanted them...Thank you so much, C! 

All right!  What are YOU thankful for today?


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  1. #12 - It appears that you have a pretty great surprise coming up for your family!