Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Health.  All of the kids are relatively healthy after weeks a variety of infections being passed from one to another.  Nothing like getting a phone call, during a mom visit, that your oldest son just vomited in the classroom.

2.  Bubbles.  

3.  Soup. I looooove soup.  It reminds me of my childhood and it's just so comforting on cooler days.  I miss my mom's meatball soup on Sundays.  Looking back, it was more than just soup; it was family time and tradition!

4.  Wedding photography.  I'm so thankful for the couples that we've met over the years.  We are now done all of our weddings for 2015 and we ended on such a high note--what a great September.  Now I need to edit them all, but ya, feels good!  Just two weddings that we accepted for 2016 and then GC Photography is taking a break :)

5.  Cuddles with my boys; movie nights are great for that!   

6.  CLASSES ONLINE.  I have to take 53 hours of foster parenting classes (as required in the first year of fostering).  I went to the first two classes and they were not my learning style....and long....and far...and difficult to work into our family's schedule by starting at 6:30 pm.  I found out that they have an online option and not only is it way more my style (succinct information while sharing our own stories/feelings while someone responds), I can complete it at my own pace and use my time more wisely!  My resource worker approved Gary and I taking it in this way--so thankful!

7. Chiropractors.  Gary's falling apart.  Okay, maybe not, but he's had quite a few problems with his back, hips and legs.  He saw the chiropractor three times and learned some new stretches and is slowly getting better.  The chiropractor says he's too big of a guy to be running so we'll see what Gary does instead!

8.  Netflix while editing. I don't know how I didn't do this sooner!  Well, I just got my iPad mini so maybe that's why?  We only got Netflix a year ago so that's part of it too. I have one wedding left to edit and one season of Scandal left to watch-- I hope it carries me through :)

9. Nya loves preschool.  How is my youngest in preschool? Wow. She is so incredibly sweet...just this week she was holding my hand while we walked through the store and she said, "I just love holding your hand, mommy."   She tells me daily that she loves me and how beautiful I am.  Oh man, what a gem.

10. Gift cards!!! I'm a little frugal so I LOVE having gift cards to indulge in things like Starbucks and frozen yogurt with my Nya Bear.  By the way, Chapters (I had a gift card so we also went there this week) could be my new favourite store.  Love it.

I hope you are having a good week!   If you could get a gift card to any store, what would it be?



  1. I love gift cards to Starbucks and Chapters.

  2. Denise N8:29 AM

    I'm always very happy with a Starbucks gift card. At least it'll never get forgotten about!

  3. I love gift cards for Chapters! One for Michael's also would not be too shabby. Nya is just too cute. I love her sweet face. I am also a soup lover. One of our favorites is lasagna soup... mmm

  4. Glad for #6 for you - that should work out better. I am not a coffee drinker so Tim Hortons or Starbucks gift card sare not for me, but I like any for restaurants or Chapters.

  5. Online courses are the best!! I could spend hours in Chapters.

  6. Nya is just the sweetest! I have a hard time spending money on myself so a gift card to Starbucks or west elm feels like a justified splurge. (Something I need to work on. It's healthy to treat yourself sometimes.)

  7. For sure Chapters :) I like Starbucks gift cards too because otherwise I don't usually indulge... so it is a nice treat with a gift card.