Thursday, September 03, 2015

Thankful Thursday

All righty!  It's Thankful Thursday time.  Sometimes I feel like I'm on a Candid Camera episode gone wrong with the volume and craziness of our household.  Sometimes (always) I feel like I'm on the verge of a good cry (a happy or sad one– it doesn't matter.)  No matter how ridiculous things get, it helps me to look over the past week and consider what I'm thankful for.  So, here we go!

This week I am thankful for:

1. A family trip to Splashdown. We go every year and this year I had forgotten to get a coupon or groupon.  A friend of mine gifted us with her groupon--what a great gift!  Thanks, A!  It was the last sunny day and it was a good one!

2. These two.  I love seeing their relationship grow each and every day.

3.  Nya being more comfortable around dogs and other animals--she even fed the goats at the Applebarn!  The contest to win a free family pass ends tonight, don't forget to enter here! PS I was able to find boots for her, Little One, and Koen all second hand for this fall/winter. Phew.

4.  Seeing our kids step up to teach and encourage different skills.  It is amazing what they have been doing with our Little One.  Kai has especially bonded with this child and is repaid in many hugs :)

5.  The sky. Rarely boring.  

6.  My FitBit Charge!  I upgraded to the Charge (after finding one second hand) and I love it.  I'm keeping my flex just in case but ya, I'm very happy with the Charge–it's a watch and shows the steps right on the display!

7. Safety on the roads. We were out on the highway when the biggest storm we've had in our area in 10 years hit!   Although we were without power for days, we were prepared and mostly comfortable.  I think we will purchase a generator though.

8.  My big girl.  We went to Nya's preschool's Open House and she loved it. She's so ready!  I should probably upgrade my phone based on this photo (I'm allowed and it's "free" but they want me to upgrade what I'm paying thanks!)

9. Being able to reschedule our first getaway as a family of 6.  We had to change the dates TWICE due to illnesses among the kids.  It's time for our annual trip to Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa :)  Just one more doctor visit to confirm our Little One is healthy enough to go.

{Last year's visit}

10. Having so many specialists available.  It's pretty incredible; pediatric dentists, child development workers, children's hospitals, therapists etc. Thankful for where we live and the resources available.

Anyone else thankful that school is approaching?! Can't wait for the September routine.  It will be a very wild and crazy month for us for a variety of reasons but I look forward to having the boys in school :)



  1. Hi Louise....
    So, you were one of the ones without power, eh? Wow. I hope you all did ok. So glad that things are going well with LO. You're an awesome mama!

    1. Ya, we were one of the 500,000 :) It took a few days to get back on but it was okay! Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. I'm in the same boat as you with the phone!

    1. I should probably get on it sooner than later. My case just broke so I'll take it as a sign. May call my provider and see what they can do in re:plan

  3. Yay for the FitBit Charge!

  4. Welcome to the world of 4 kids! You are no longer to drive a "normal" vehicle and you have to "lie" about the number of kids you have when booking hotel rooms (so they don't make you book 2 rooms!). Haha. I hope the vacation goes smoothly with Little One in the mix. Also, yay for the Charge. I upgraded at Christmastime. I hated the Flex, but love my Charge. As a side note, I and a few of my friends have had the Charge band fall apart after only a couple of months. Fitbit replaced them all on warranty, but I am much more careful with it now. I don't get it wet and I take it off if I know it will banged around. Just FYI!

    1. My flex band broke too!! If this one does I will buy new with warranty. Ps Harrison let us have 4 kids in a family room! $189 for two adjoined rooms.

  5. I LOVE Harrison Hotsprings... (Especially the adult only pool not gonna lie). I'm glad you were all safe and sound during the power outage. Happy (day after) Thursday!