Friday, September 04, 2015

Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa 2015

Once or twice a year we head out to Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa.  We love it there. Why? 

1.  It's only an hour away; far enough to feel like you're getting away but close enough that the kids are totally fine getting there. 

2.We love the warm pools.  There's something for everyone AND the indoor pools open at 5 am which is helpful when your kids are crazy like that.  

3. The two playgrounds on the beach rock.  

4.  Free cookies and tea at 4 pm.

5. Decently priced family suite.  You get two adjoined rooms for $189.00 which allow for four kids and two adults (two kids were in playpens.)  The rooms aren't fantastic but work well for us!

6.  We order pizza from Village Pizzeria for dinner ($21 for a large) and eat it on the beach.  {We bring a cooler with snacks and cereal, milk, bowls and spoons for breakfast because feeding a family of six would just be too much for us--yep, I'm cheap!}

7.  It's calm, quiet, and beautiful.  It's so nice to just walk around in the fresh air and enjoy nature. 

{Six months pregnant with Kai and then...nine-and-a-half years later!}

Well, that was our last holiday of the summer!  Now, on to school, preschool, therapies, dance, basketball, foster parent training, subbing (yay, still going to sub once/week!) and weddings. September is going to be a doozy.  You ready?!


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  1. I can't believe it's September already! I'm not back to work until October (which I keep telling myself I'm ready for) but I AM ready for the fall. Also that last photo of you and Kai is fantastic! Oh man do they grow fast!