Monday, September 14, 2015

First Movie Night of the Season

One family tradition that we have throughout the school year is our Friday Pizza & Movie Nights!  I love it because I don't have to think about what to make for dinner (we just do frozen Costco cheese pizzas and add toppings) and the kids love to watch a movie together (which usually involves a special treat!)

Last October we decided to try Netflix out and we've been hooked ever since.  Gary and I love it for our date nights on the couch (Suits, Homeland, Friday Night Lights, and Scandal!) and the kids love it for movie nights...and of course Paw Patrol.

We usually get all cozy under a blanket but it was really warm this week so we spaced ourselves out, added some "friends" on the couch, and went through the list of new family movies on Netflix.

We let the kids decide what they wanted to watch for the first Movie Night of the season.  What did they choose?

They chose The Muppets. I was surprised that the kids were into a musical comedy but they really enjoyed it; especially the older boys (ages 6 and 9.) I liked it because Jason Segel and Rashida Jones were in it and it was just a feel-good movie.

The Muppets is about the old gang learning that their theatre is going to be demolished and they need to reunite to raise $10 million dollars to save it.  Nya and our Little One only made it half way but still hung out with the family and played quietly.

I love traditions--especially when everyone enjoys them, we're together as a family, and it's easy (and cheap!)

This week's snack included Twizzlers and chips; they've already requested popcorn for next week! When you don't normally get sugary snacks, that definitely helps to amp up any movie night.

Kai gave The Muppets four stars out of five and said it was the highlight of his day!

I think next week's movie choice will be between Meet the Robinsons and The Princess and the Frog.  Do you do movie nights?  Are there any Netflix movies that you would recommend?


**I am part of Netflix Canada's #StreamTeam and all of these opinions are my own...well, and my kids'**


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    We have Friday night pizza nights too and I look forward to it all week. Snuggles and hanging out together after a long week is the best way to start the weekend :) I have to ask where you found that summary screen for newly added movies??!


    1. Tessa--totally a great way to start the weekend (especially when everyone is exhausted!) The summary screen is from an email I got from Netflix so you can't find it on the website--good question!

  2. Our family watched Strange Magic on Netflix tonight. It was good. My 13yr old recommended it after watching it while she was sick and laughing too much! It's a cartoon musical and has a slow start, so I don't know how much my boys enjoyed that..oh, and did I mention it's about love and a love potion and falling in love, haha.... but there were many funny scenes. I don't think we'd watch it again, but there were scenes that we'll retell (like the Boggy-Woggy Kingy-Wingy one!) Just remind the boys that George Lucas wrote it and it was done at the Skywalker Industrial Light and Sound, and hopefully those names will impress them! ;)