Friday, May 29, 2015

What Fills Your Bucket?

Recently I read `Stop the Energy Drain'  over at Sarah on Purpose.  She talks about our energy being like a bucket.  We need to think of how to fill that bucket and how to prevent the bucket from leaking.

What do I need to feel energized?  What fills my bucket?

1. Exercise.  I need to try and get about 10,000 steps in a day.  A walk or run each day is so important because we are in wedding season and I sit at a computer for hours a day editing.

2. Sleep.  I require 8 hours a night.  11 pm to 7 am.

3. Down time.  I love an hour a day to read a book.  If that's not possible, I appreciate half an hour to sit down and drink a coffee.

{This isn't the book I'd normally chose to read but this week I read a book about grammar in hopes of making this blog more reader friendly.  Not sure it helped--there are too many rules and I like exclamation marks! And commas! And the word `so'. }

4. Shared time with Gary.  Usually this is side by side on the couch watching Netflix after talking about the day.

5. Time away from my kids.  Whether that's reading in my room or going for a walk with a friend, I need a break.  Grocery shopping alone sometimes has to suffice.

{I recently had dinner with my sisters and dad.  That was rejuvenating.}

6.  Making healthy eating choices.  It does so much for me mentally and physically.  I love that summer is almost here; so many local fruits and vegetables available!

What is zapping my energy? What holes can I fill?

1.  Kid's activities.  Having the boys in an activity that was 2-4 nights a week each has been too much.  We are taking a break from karate for Koen.  Kai's hockey will be done in a couple of weeks.  This summer I will put them in swimming lessons for one week and all at the same time if possible.

2. Time commitment to various jobs.  I do a lot of odd jobs to bring in an income; daycare, substitute teaching, wedding photography, and blogging (okay, blogging doesn't bring in much of an income but maybe one day it will.)    We love wedding photography but are going to be cutting back drastically for 2016 as it is likely that we will be adding a child to our family through fostering.  Just a few years ago we were doing 22 weddings a year, and next year, maybe just the 2 we have booked so far!  I'm so thankful for the friendships I've made and maintained through photography and I hope that continues.

Shawna, another self-professed nerdy mom blogger, shared a post  `Choosing Simple'.  The main thing that resonated with me was; "Our yes costs something--when we say yes to one thing, we say no to another thing".  Right?!

I would encourage you to look at what you need to fill your bucket and what is draining you.  What should you be saying yes to?  What might you need to say no to?  (My grammar book said using italics meant I was a lazy writer--too bad.)

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.


PS  I'm so thankful that you read this blog.  Seriously.  A year ago I started shifting the focus of Talk Nerdy To Me a bit.  The boys are getting older and I don't feel as comfortable sharing as much about their lives anymore.  Reviews of our vacations or family activities are fantastic but blogging about their struggles and thoughts is a bit tricky.  I'm thankful that you are following along and that you care about what I have to say (and that you are fine with my comma splices and overuse of parentheses.)  I had a goal two months ago in regards to how many people I hoped would read Talk Nerdy To Me and I have surpassed it (and it continues to rise.)  Thank you. High five.


  1. Ps - see you tomorrow!!!! Yay!!!! (I like exclamation marks a bit too much too....also "...")

  2. You nailed it Louise! This is exactly what I was talking about! Taking inventory and figuring out how to nourish your energy! Also that Shawna sure is wise isn't she?

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Shawna is wise--like you!

  3. Reading too much about grammar can be just confusing! Besides enjoying the content and honesty on your blog, one thing about your blog that I have always admired is your excellent grammar and spelling and that you never use bad language! Keep up the great blogging!

    1. Carol, you got that right! Thank you for the compliment about the grammar and spelling, I appreciate it! I know I could always get better but hopefully I don't drive too many people crazy. And yes, I try to keep my language `healthy' in the digital and real world!

  4. I'd kick that grammar book to the curb! Reading your posts is just like having a conversation with you, and I definitely don't think you have bad grammar!

    1. Beth!! You just made my day. THANK YOU!! I think I sound like me and I want to sound like me. I'm telling Trish to give you a hug...except I don't think she's a hugger. So, virtual hug from me!

  5. Also, there's a kids book about filling their bucket, and I love that there's a more grown up version that's applicable to adult life.

  6. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Fill: Going out with friends for Sushi...mmmm. Time away from kids. Exercise.
    Zap: Being a short order cook/ maid/ taxi driver /referee....without appreciation. I know one day they will appreciate! That's what being a mom is about, and I am lucky to have these monkeys that zap my energy. Oh , and cleaning the bathroom - worst chore, EVER!