Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Dress up clothes. A few months ago, I bought 5 second hand princess dresses for $20 and they get used so much!

2.  10 years of marriage (as of next Thursday).

3.  Seasons.  I love that we're into some beautiful summer-like weather and then in a few more months, I'll appreciate the cooler temperatures again. 

4.  Bugs.  They make hanging out outside a little more interesting.

5.  Photos.  Love having pictures of me with my mom to look back on. 

6. Anniversary Cake.  For our honeymoon we went to the Kingfisher on Vancouver Island and enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake with raspberry sauce while on the ferry.  Now whenever Gary goes on the ferry, he brings me some home.

7.  A yard.  It's teeny tiny but I'm thankful we at least have one and that it gets used so much.

8.  Waffle night with friends.  We're part of a care group from church and we get together with 4 other families for dinner and sharing every other week.  It's chaotic with so many little kids but it's good.  Also, I'm a little proud of myself. The idea of having people over used to stress me out because I wanted our house to be nice and clean.  I wanted to be a great host.  Now, I'm happy just being me with my 7/10 clean house.

9.  Afternoon at Crescent Beach.  We celebrated Mother's Day and Father's Day on Victoria Day with Gary's family.  The beach was packed but we got a good spot and had a great time.

10.  Date night.  Gary and I are in a marriage class (we're good but maintenance doesn't hurt!).  Part of our homework was going on a date.  We had gift cards to Earls and Home Sense for some photos we had done so that was what we did!

As always, please share something that you are thankful for this week! 



  1. I totally hear you on the 7/10 clean house - apparently, noone really cares if it's not 10/10 and would rather just hang out anyway :) Thankful this week for an awesome morning view of the forest and lake, a relatively good night's sleep as those are unusual these days, the luxury of owning two cars and being able to go wherever and whenever we want, a great school system for my kids, a husband's change of career....that's all. Gotta run!

  2. Chocolate and Raspberries is my favorite combo... mmm

  3. Sitting in the sun & reading a book while your kids play seems like a great afternoon! I love seasons too - I will miss that next year :(

  4. Silly. But I'm thankful we rolled our lawn this year. Takes me 2/2.5 hours instead of 3/3.25 hours to cut lawn!!!! Woohoo!