Saturday, May 23, 2015

Surrey International Children's Festival

On Thursday morning, I took Koen and Nya to the Surrey International Children's Festival which was taking place at Bear Creek Park from May 21-23.  We booked tickets to see The Street Circus bright and early at 9:15 am.    

While in line we were able to see the RCMP helicopter land.  It's actually much smaller than I thought it would be!

The show quickly filled up with students and we had seats in the front row.

It was the perfect show for a 6 year old boy and (almost) 3 year old girl.  It's a husband wife duo with a circus school and figure skating background.

After the 45 minute show, we spent about an hour going to some of the different stations that they had set up.  We made clay figurines at Port of Vancouver's tent.

Nya spent a lot of time painting while Koen just played with the toys available.

There were other stations like a giant sandbox, colouring, storytelling, a maze made of boxes, and musical stations.  The kids really enjoyed playing the xylophones.

I'm not really an arts and craft type person but the kids enjoyed it!  I'm really glad we saw The Street Circus as that was a highlight for sure.  The Vancouver International Children's Festival is next from May 25-31.

I hope that you are having a good weekend!


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