Monday, May 18, 2015

Get To Know Me {Liebster Award}

Hey friends, I was nominated by Sarah over at Sarah on Purpose for the Liebster Award.  Sarah writes Thankful Thursday posts every week and I always love reading them.  Make sure you check her out, especially on a Thursday!  

What is the Liebster Award?  I had to look it up.  I will answer 11 questions, share 11 random facts about myself, and then pose 11 questions to some other bloggers. To everyone reading,  I would LOVE to hear some of your answers to any of the questions posed, so please share one.

1.  What are you most grateful for in your life?

Unconditional love. 

2.  Describe one of your happiest memories.

I'd say that recently winning a trip to Disney World was pretty amazing! 

3. How has your life been different than you imagined?

I thought my mom would always be around (she passed away 9 years ago).  I also thought that I would be working full time outside the home.

4. How did you meet your husband?

Gary and I started teaching Science 9 at the same school in 2001.  We shared resources (aka he borrowed all my stuff) and started with a friendship.

5. What is the kindest experience you've ever had?

When Koen was 10 months old, I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease.  This is an autoimmune disease that left me very weak.  I had to quit playing football and my team blessed us with someone to come clean our home. Twice.  It still brings me to tears because I'm not good at accepting help but they just did it without asking and I felt so loved.

6. Describe what you looked like as a kid.

7. What is your favourite dinner recipe?

I love pretty much everything my husband makes; Butter Chicken, Pad Thai, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Pork Tenderloin with Mango Chutney....he's the best.

8. What is your favourite smell?

I love smells that remind me of my childhood; diesel gas (because I used to go on the tractor with my dad), the ocean and the forest.

9.  What smell makes you gag?

Urine.  I think I am going to force my boys to pee sitting down from now on because I am so sick and tired of urine all around the toilet!

10. What are you  most likely doing at 9 pm on a week night?

Watching Netflix with Gary

11. What would be a perfect birthday gift for you?

A hike!  Is that a gift? I just love the gift of time and experiences.  


Okay, now 11 random facts about me:

1. I can touch my tongue to my nose (Gary can also do this).

2. I have my scuba diving license.

3.  I'm very afraid of spiders but trying to overcome it so my kids aren't scared.

4. I grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm.

5. I have misophonia. It's a thing.

6. The sport that I was best at in high school was shot put. 

7. My mom used to rub my forehead when I was little and I love that feeling to this day.

8.  I've hiked the West Coast Trail 3 times and hope to do it once with my kids when they are old enough and I'm not too old.

9.  I have a Bachelor of Science in General Biology and a minor in Psychology.  Oh, I also have a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Science.

10. 7:30-8:00 am is my favourite time of  the day.  I drink my coffee and Gary does the school drop off.


And finally, the three bloggers I am going to nominate are:

1.  Jacqueline at TwoFunMoms.  Jac and Juli tandem write their blog and I always find their posts amusing such as Jac's latest trip with a toddler.  I actually played on a football team with Jacqueline for a season before we had all these kids.  

2. Carolyn at Moments in Mommyland. Caroline is a fellow blogging friend who recently bought an acreage which is pretty much one of the coolest things ever if you live in the Lower Mainland.  We also share the combination of two boys followed by a baby girl!

3.  Shawna at Simple on Purpose.  She calls herself a Lady Nerd, likes bacon and has three kids.  Awesome combination.  I know she has already been nominated but I would like to learn more about her, too!

Questions for you bloggers:

1. What is your favourite spice?

2. What book are you reading right now?

3.  What is your favourite hour in the day?

4.  What did you last laugh about?

5.  What subject did you enjoy most in school?

6. What is the story behind your name?  Why did you parents give you that name?

7. What is one of your favourite blog posts you've done?

8. When you were in high school, what did you want to be when you `grew up'?

9.  What nicknames do you have?

10.  If your husband took the kids out of the house for two hours, you would ____________

11. What is one lesson you wish you learned earlier?

I think that's it! Phew.  

To my friends/readers, please answer one of the questions in the comments! I love learning random things about people.



  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    When you were in high school, what did you want to be when you `grew up'?

    I wanted to be a paediatric doctor or marine biologist. After struggling to pass science and biology, this was no longer a tangible dream! Now I work in a restaurant. Couldn't be further off!

    Lynn W

    1. Lynn, you've always had such a servant heart! I think serving in the restaurant capacity makes sense! Do you love it? I was going to be a doctor, too :)

  2. You were super quick getting this posted! My husband cooks too! He once told me I love to make food... I just don't want to decide what to make. So I plan and he executes. It's a perfect combo.
    What book are you reading right now?
    The Orenda by Joseph Boyden.

    1. Love the planning and executing combo. I had no idea when we were getting married what a gift this was!

  3. I have Misophonia!!

    What is the story behind your name? Why did you parents give you that name?

    My mom always wanted a Katie but didn't feel like it was a grown up name. They chose Katrina as my name but I was Katie from day one. I enrolled in grade 5 as Katrina because I thought it was time to use my grown up name :)

    1. Katie!! I didn't know your parents called you Katie until grade 5, very cool. I do love the name Katrina because I always wanted to be called `Kat'.

  4. bummer! My comment didn't save again! I will try and remember what i responded to (several of the questions, not just one!)
    1. Cumin!
    2. Insurgent
    3. 6-7am (coffee and quiet time)
    10. The first hour I would run, then I'd come home and spend an hour in front of the TV, snacking on coffee and a treat, or wine and a savory snack :)

    1. Oh, I love cumin. For me, it's tied with cinnamon! Your two hours sounds perfect! I would only do a half hour run though :)

  5. Favourite subject in school was English :) I wanted to get my bachelors in English... that never happened and likely never will... now I would love to go to school to become a Stylist and get my fashion marketing degree.

    Not sure there's much of a story behind my name except that my dad named me. My mom's name for me was Stephanie Margaret but my dad decided on Kelsey Anne.

    No nicknames... I don't even like being called Kels. My parents were adamant that our names were our names and to this day my parents still call us by our given names. My brother's name is Michael and no one in our family calls him Mike. It's the forbidden name so I'm sure my parents especially my dad cringe when others call him Mike instead of Michael.

    1. So interesting how your interest has changed! Style me! I like that your dad chose your name. Does Spenser call you anything other than Kelsey?