Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Whistler 2013

Two years ago, my whole family went to Whistler for 3 days and it was awesome!  When Joanne suggested it again months and months ago, we were so in!! Although we are leaving in 24 hours (YIKES!!!) for the airport, we were so glad to fit this trip in.  A HUMONGOUS thank you to dad and Joanne for this Whistler getaway.  It is a wonderful stress free way to hang out as family.  We LOVE it. 

Whistler is just so `us'.  I hope that sometime in the next year, Gary and I can come here just the two of us.    As much as I love my kids and doing almost everything with them, I do need a break once in a while. Oh man, how are we going to do the next 3 weeks?! I can see why people bring a nanny along on holidays:)

We spent the past three days hiking, swimming, and eating. Loved it.  The kids probably did the water slide about 100 times.   All three of our kids LOVE the water.

{Joanne's daughter Annelise had a baby girl to add to the ever growing number of babies!}
Below is a video of Nya going down the waterslide.  She's a bit worried in the dark but then once we're out, she's a happy little girl!

Oh boy, I'm realizing that all of our photos are iPhone and GoPro ones...must get the real camera out on holidays!  It's just a bit trickier when our hands are already pretty full!!

{I know there are a lot of pictures of Nya and I together, she is pretty much attached to me now.  This is good as I don't have to chase after her but wow, my right arm is going to fall off.}

Here's one more video Gary put together of the water slide...

All right.  I've got to finish packing.  I feel like how I did the morning before Gary and I got married. Nervous excitement.  Can't say I like this feeling.   All my nervousness is kid related.  Please let them not be super overtired and CRAZY.  Please let them stay healthy and safe.  Please let them sleep.  Oh how I wish I had a glass of wine right now...

All right team.  The next time I post, we will be in the Philippines!!!!

Love, Team Chapman


  1. Yahoo!! Praying for your trip. Be safe!

  2. Aw - love the photos. Nya's video is VERY cute! She's such a thrill seeker! Looking forward to hearing about how amazingly well the traveling and trip went for you all! :)

  3. GOOD LUCK! You guys will have a great time & no matter what happens, it will definitely be an adventure :)

  4. Wow, how many grandchildren do your dad and Joanne have all together! That is an amazing size crew! Glad you had a great time. E

  5. Good luck on your big adventure!

  6. not only an amazing holiday thanks to dad & joanne - but have to mention the oodles of babysitting/monitor watching that they both provided to us!! much needed couple time! thanks dad & jo - and lou, your kids will do famously im certain :) they were very well behaved in whistler so if that's any indicator..then youre in good shape!

  7. Oh wow! I can't believe it is time.
    Looking forward to an update. You are going to have the time of your life!!!

  8. Have a wonderful trip Louise + family. t
    ps - nya is gorgeous!

  9. looks like the gopro was a great choice :)