Friday, July 19, 2013

From Bohol to Cebu to Bangkok

We had three travel days in a row.  Not ideal but not much of a choice.  Each one was approx. 4 hours. I do believe I will have a bunch of tips for travelling with kids once this is over!  Travelling with three kids is not that hard.  One of those kids being Ms. Teething Shrieking 14 Month Old Monster Nya  is hard.  I ask myself daily whether the exhaustion and frustration is worth it and it is :)  

Just a few last photos from Bohol, Philippines...
{Kai: Can you believe we got a coke?}
{This is about as much `love' that Gary and I get on this trip due to always having a kid attached to us.}
{This was the beachfront area of Bohol.  It's about 25 dive shops with restaurants (and massages!) in front}
{This is just a glimpse of how popular Nya was.  The Filipino's LOVED her and every worker on the beach would say `Hi Nya!' as we walked by.  Here are some tourists from China taking Nya's photo.  People took photos of our kids and with our kids all the time and I don't think they even asked.  I have a feeling there are a lot of pictures on facebook of our kids.  Koen was so great about talking to everyone, he does it at home too but people found it especially cute here.}
{Eating on the beach, who cares if they make a mess!}
{Fun bugs everywhere}
{Interesting vegetation everywhere}
{We get an icecream or shake daily now...keeps them motivated on the long walks}
{Where I bought a pearl bracelet for Nya}
{Good bye beach!  We loved you and will miss you!}
{We went to visit the Tarsiers at the sanctuary.  I don't think as many tourists go to the sanctuary but I felt much better about it as they are not in cages and they were free to roam.  We also met `Mr. Tarsier' there (Carlito) who has worked so hard for so many years to protect them}
{This is the light they shine at night so that bugs are attracted to the white sheets for the Tarsiers}
{We only saw three but that was more than enough.  A guide must take you through and you cannot talk.  Any kind of noise stress is difficult on them, they are even known to commit suicide.  They are nocturnal so it was cool to see this one awake.  We didn't stay too long as I was fearful Nya would emit a high pitched scream.}
{They are pretty cool creatures, closely related to lemurs.  They are the inspiration for Yoda and also some characters on Madagascar.}
{We went to the fast ferry to take our two hour trip back to Cebu.  It is a fast, fast ferry.  Apparently they show horror movies on it often but we `lucked' out with a different terrible movie}
{When am I happiest? When Nya falls asleep on a travel day.  I don't move.  My body screams in pain but it is worth it.  Gary says he has never seen me with such big bags under my eyes.}
{We had less than 24 hours in Cebu to pack up, say goodbye to our friends Jen, Andrey and Ella, and then fly out to Bangkok.  I loved having their place as a home base.  It just felt like home to us.  Jen and Andrey really showed me a thing about hospitality.   I did not feel like an inconvenience once (and our kids def. had their moments!), and they were so welcoming and provided us with so many memories and the comfort of home.  Such a great gift.}
{One highlight was a few hours before we left.  Jen and I did a Jillian Michaels workout in the heat of the day.  We had fans on us, apparently blocked by Kai's butt here, and it just felt so good to get a workout in!  Jen made some amazing chocolate peanut butter protein shakes afterwards.  Jen, you are awesome.}
{Ella holding baby Nya.  Ella LOVES babies and I can't wait for her to be a big sister one day!}
{Our last meal together...we got Mr. Liempo's!  Pork ribs. YUM!!}
{Koen loves a good mango pit!}
{Team Chapman and Team Sawchenko}
{Jen and Ella took us to the airport one hour away and after a minor plane delay, we were on our way via Cebu Pacific to Thailand.  Cheap airline.  Not super awesome but cheap. I'm realizing in many photos that my hands are very full.}
{After the 4 hour flight in which Nya vomited on both Gary and I.  All three of us were very stinky.  Kai also got sick on the plane.  Koen made a friend from China and they pretty much giggled the whole time together.}
{We spent the night in Bangkok at an awesome hotel.  I got it off of  It was more than 50% off so totally affordable.  For less than $90 we had two full rooms, two bathrooms, AC, pool, breakfast included and airport shuttle to and from.  So great.  It's the first time we had a separate room from the boys on this trip!}
{One tricky thing is the floor is tile everywhere.  This is not ideal for accident prone Koen or little Nya.  Koen had three head injuries in one day.}
{We are up by 5am every day.  Not by choice.  But we get to explore the city while it's cooler out and we are first to the breakfast and pool!}
{Noodles for breakfast!}
After an early morning swim and breakfast, it was back to the airport for our one hour flight to Chiang Mai where we will be staying for one week.  I'm very glad that we are doing more than one country but I totally wish we had another adult to help out with Nya when Gary and I just want a little break.  Oh well. For now, we will just continue to pray for patience!!

Plans for this week?  Eat yummy food, visit the night market and Sunday Market, see the elephant sanctuary and ride an elephant, ride a tuk tuk...maybe get a massage and relax a little?

I'm already so nervous for Thursday and our long trip home.  The boys are so easy with their snacks and's our little Miss that I'm going to need some serious prayer for!

All right, time for some more Thai food!

Love, Team Chapman in Chiang Mai.


  1. LOVING the diversity of these pictures. especially like the one of you and gary holding hands, that COOL bug and the vegetation one. :)

  2. Just loving seeing your experiences! You guys are doing amazing.

  3. We just LOVED having you guys here. What a treat for us! Hope Chiang Mai is all we talked it up to be. :-)