Thursday, July 04, 2013

Two thumbs up!

Trying to blog from my iPhone :). Two thumbs up for Gary and I getting along well over the next three weeks!! Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, we really appreciate it. We are off to the airport in just a couple of hours. I think once we are actually on the plane my stomach will settle down. I asked Gary about his thoughts and he said he feels a nervous anticipation about the flight (aka kids) but is looking forward to seeing Jen and Andrey!

Oh, I should mention that Kai said he is looking forward to getting a coconut from a tree. I don't know that this will happen but he says if he can't climb a tree, he will just throw a knife in the air.


  1. Woohoo! Let the crazy adventure begin! You guys can handle it! Just remember, the plane ride is only a plane ride, these people may complain about your kids (if they're horrible but I'm sure that they will be fine!) once they're off the plane but really it's just a small amount of time in their life and chances are they've all got kids so they've been in your shoes and you're doing the best that you can! Happy flying Chapman Family!

  2. I think I would be more nervous about the knife throwing than the flights! Hope all went well today!

  3. Aaaaaah, that is hillarious what Kai said!
    Remind me to never get our oldest children together. With their ideas, it couldn't end well:)