Tuesday, July 30, 2013

14 Months Old

Our baby is 14 months old. 
She is very strong willed.
If she wants something, she screams for it.  She doesn't want to use sign language and she doesn't want to use her words.  She wants to scream and point.  Strong lungs and vocal cords.
'Mama! Mama! can mean many things, one of which is `I want that!'
She is bald.  It actually bothers me a bit, I know, so vain.  I was bald until I was two though so I'm expecting she will be the same.  People on our trip were asking why she had no hair as really all asian babies have so much!  Has anyone ever shaved their kids hair?  Does it really grow back more?  That was their suggestion:)
She loves to be rough. Wrestling, pushing, shouting, climbing, punching people in the belly button...possibly even biting me.  She is so tiny...look at her thin legs!  She is our only child to actually wear her proper size at this age.
She is quick to smile and wave hello or goodbye.  She was comfortable whenever someone would pick her up and hold her...total strangers on our trip.
She loves to run outside and does not like to be told which way to go.  She can now run up and down hills and go down slides on her own.  I love that she now understands things like `Get your hat!' or `Get your shoes!'.
She is happiest in water and running around outside.  Or climbing stairs.  She loves stairs.  She also loved the moving sidewalks in the airport.
She doesn't love food like her brothers but she does love ice cream.  And fruit.  And milk.  Loves her milk.  She will take a bottle/sippy of homo milk but loves breastfeeding most.   I'm just trying to get her back to our time zone and through this one molar and then hopefully she'll be up less at night?
She is seriously up every 3 hours at night still.  Does anyone else have a toddler that does/did this?  Any advice?  Her cry at night is actually one of pain from her tooth so I feel bad trying to ignore it.  We do give her advil and teething tablets....I just wouldn't mind a full nights sleep.  In 14 months, I have slept through the night less than 10 times.
We love our Ms. Nya Pya Cutie Pants.  
She will keep us humble.  
She has added a lot of `zest' to our family.  
She is sweet and loud.  
She is loved.

Love, Louise


  1. This post is over a week late. What? You busy with something else? lol Hope you all get better soon. Nya is definitely full of spunk :) She'll keep you busy. The hair - well all my girls had no hair for a long time. All in due time.

  2. These pictures are ADORABLE!!!! Love how she fits so well in the bike rack :)