Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bye Bye Bohol

Today is our last full beach day!  Tomorrow we will visit the Tarsier Sanctuary on the way to the ferry and head back to Cebu (Jen and Andrey's house) for one more night and then it's off to Thailand!!  We have done a lot of relaxing here.  We are at the beach by 8 am (Nya still up at 5:30 am) and then the pool and then Nya's first nap:)  

We do a lot of walking and I've finally had a chance to start reading!! Yes.  Good book. `A Walk Across the Sun'  which my friend Lynette let me borrow.

So, I will try to have few words...mostly photos. Enjoy.

{Amazing smoothies here!  Such fresh fruit.  Koen spilt his the second he got it so we had to buy another one. }
{Dance party}
{Koen chatting up all of the vendors}
{Kai was petrified of jellyfish but we googled whether there were jellyfish here and I could show him that there are not!  Problem solved.  Thank you google.}

{Walking through the resort to the beach}

{We saw many sea stars and sea urchins.  Not as many fish as Moalboal but we are also in the touristy area}

{Above shows Koen as he is all the time. Go, go, go.}
{Gary got a fresh crab dinner}
{Our beauties}
{Highlight was finally snorkeling with Kai Bear}
{Many spiny starfish}
{I did get a half hour massage today.  On the beach, $5.00, so awesome.}
{I always have kids attached to me.  It's best to have the boys separated or there is a full out wrestle fest on the beach.}

{Koen has found many `dinosaur bones'.  So much coral.}

{The boys have invented a new game combining Pokemon and Cars.  Keeps them nice and busy during our one hour down time each day.}
{Our house with Koen and his newest bloody knee.  All the kids have messed up knees.}
{And, the highlight of today?  A water vending machine where you put in 1 peso (3 cents) and pick a bag to fill with water.  The kids LOVED it even though you can't tell based on Kai's face.}

All right, off to dinner!  We've been making our own breakfasts and lunches and then eating dinner on the beach!  Trish, you asked about the kitchen outside...it keeps our home cooler and keeps the ants out!  

The Philippines are known for mangoes and pearls.  I may have bought Nya a pearl bracelet today.  She is currently wearing it as an anklet.  Real pearls...cost just $6.00.  So cute! The boys each picked a bracelet too, although not a pearl one:) 

All righty.  We're outta here!

Love, Team Chapman from Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines.


  1. AH! Beach massage for FIVE BUCKS! Wow :)
    these pictures are so fantastic! I am loving watching the trip as it unfolds for you :)

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    So I've honestly been talking to my husband about going where you are because it looks so amazing. We both love to travel and I would love to experience the culture there.


    1. Brianne, that's awesome. Have you been to Thailand? I think visiting more than one country here really makes it worth it and the flights between are only about $100-$200/person

  3. Ive gotta ask - doesnt it kill your back to carry Nya like that? We have an ergo but haven't used it yet since Asher is so young, but we have been using the moby was.

    1. Carolyn, doesn't hurt a bit! I don't even remember she's on there! She is only 20lbs and wearing her on my back is even easier than on the front. The only downfall of carrying her is I'm sweating more than normal :)

  4. Great photos - looks like you are all having fun!