Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

They had a Mothers Day Tea at preschool where Koen sang about 4 songs.  It was sweet and I had a good time talking with some of the other moms.  Koen made me this beautiful necklace which now hangs on our van's review mirror.  I think his favourite part was bowing over and over at the end of each song.  In the card he made, some of the things he said about me were:

My  mom loves to eat meat (true!!  Huge carnivore).  

My favourite thing to do with my Mom is play games like Chutes and Ladders.  

During the day my mom is doing the house and taking care of Mya (he can't pronounce her name correctly). 

I love my  mom because she is beautiful.  

My mom is really good at the computer. (NOOO!!!!  It sounds like I'm a mom who ignores her kids and just hangs out on the computer.  Major downfall of being a work at home mom).
I really need to use our real camera to take photos of Kai Bear's freckles.  They are abundant and we celebrate them and consider them very cute.  They continue to multiply daily, and really, we are all so freckly in the Chapman household.
Today I had a conversation with Kai where I indicated that just because he had doubles of some of his Pokemon cards, that would not be an appropriate Mother's Day gift.   I think it's important for him to think about what someone else might want and I can tell you...there is no way I want any of those ridiculous cards.  

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Love, Louise


  1. I agree with Ali. That dress looks gorgeous and the colour is really really pretty on you.

  2. sooo sweet! :)
    i was going to comment on your outfit too - love it! Super cute dress!

  3. Oh you don't want any more pokemon cards??? I could send you Addison's! Spencer got her hooked on them so now they're all over my house and now that Jacob is crawling (finally) he just wants to eat them!

  4. Kelsey, you could get some good money from them! I don't know how long this pokemon stage lasts but it's not my favourite :)

  5. PS Ali, Terri and Kelly, do I never dress up? I guess not! If I go to a wedding, I'm usually photographing it and trying to blend in by wearing black. Hmmmm....must dress nicely and go somewhere...Gary, take me out!