Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Koen Wins

Yesterday morning at 7:30 am, I was watching Breakfast Television and they said to head to Home Outfitters in Langley to win prizes.  We live just 5 minutes away so off we went!
Koen got to pick a dot from the wall and he picked one that I never would've chosen.  It was a red one and on the back it said we won a Tassimo single cup coffee brewer!   I'd say that I've become a coffee drinker over the last year so I was excited about this.  I think they are valued at about $129.00 or so.  Anyway, now I have to pick up some T-cups which may increase the cost of my coffee `habit' but I only drink one per day anyway. 
Good job, Koen!
I have to say that for a day that could've been crappy, winning something made it a whole lot better!  My dad joked that Koen must have the Dekens winning gene in him because let's just say my dad has won quite a few things in his day!  
Have a great day.
Love, Louise

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