Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Seven Years

Love you. Miss you.  Wish you could know me now.  I'm a lot less selfish and I think we could have some really good talks about motherhood and life these days.    Gary actually really likes your hamburger bean pot pie recipe.  He's a great husband, mom.  We use your apple crisp bowls daily, although more for fishy crackers than apple crisp.  They tore down the La Masia restaurant,  you wouldn't believe how different this area looks now.  The `long block' is still the same though. I ran it and Kai biked alongside and it reminded me of our post dinner walks.   Our kids love riding bikes...remember that time I was showing you how fast I could bike down our driveway and forgot how to use the brakes and ran straight into the house?   Nya started sleeping though the night, I wonder when I started to.   Koen would love your cookies and I bet he would REALLY love your brownies.  Did you know that we are going as a family to SE Asia?  Wish you could come along.  I remember taking you out for Thai food, it was good, right?  We talk about you often.  Koen has prayed for you to become alive again.  Love you. Miss you. 
{I loved doing her hair.}
{With baby Ani...just missed Kai by 3 months}
{34 years later, I have my own baby girl}
{Tea time!  Lifelong tradition}


  1. Thinking of you today Louise!!!

  2. Your Mom's appearance reminds me so much of my own Mom. Her smile is so beautiful, and you can tell from the pictures how much joy she took in her children and grandchildren.

    Beautiful post.

  3. Great tribute. Praying for you as you remember!

  4. You're always on my mind and in my prayers on this day every year as it's my dad's birthday so I can never forget. Praying for much grace as you go through the whole week, especially with Mother's Day Sunday. May you be overwhelmed by the grace and presence of the Lord.