Monday, May 06, 2013

I Made It.

{Pretend there is a picture of me here at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro...all of my pre 2006 photos are on film and the pictures are packed away in the depths of our basement}

I feel like I have reached the summit of a mountain.  Nya now sleeps through the night.  I'm sure that will change when a new batch of teeth come along, but for now, I will enjoy.  It took 11 months and 1 week.
{What is this?!}
Other stuff briefly:
-babysat my nephew for a day.  Nya enjoyed having a friend.
-photographed a wedding Friday and Nya was an angel for my mother in law.  Took her bottles, napped etc.  I feel so much freedom because now she finally takes a bottle if need be.  I still want to bf her for a few more months at least.  I really enjoy it.
-Saturday a good friend of Gary's came to visit for a couple of hours.  Very awesome as we hadn't seen him for a few years.
-Had an engagement session Saturday night and learned the difference between Lougheed and Dewdney Trunk Road.
-Sunday went to church and then went for all you can eat sushi with my sisters and dad.  Celebrated dad's birthday, remembered my mom, spent time talking about my aunt who is very sick with cancer.
-Sunday went to book club.  Read `The Book Thief'.  7.5/10.
-Been going to boot camp 3x a week but missed two days due to my sinuses.  It's not too hard but it works me harder than I would on my own.  Dreading going tonight because of the heat.  

That's it.  

PS My sisters and I talked about all moving to a small town together (well, with our families!) and it is sort of tempting.  I feel ready for some change and adventure.  Although I'm not a person who seeks change, I do love some adventure in my life.  Let's just say that being a work at home mom is not the kind of adventure that I love day in and out.  I know my life is wonderful but I am bored. And tired. And busy. And sometimes angry.   I'm hoping our SE Asia trip will be just the adventure I'm craving...

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  1. Yeah for sleep!!!! And yeah for coming to book club!