Friday, April 27, 2007

Standees Permitted:)

Kai has just started holding himself up. He loves it when we sit on the front porch and look at all the construction and the cars driving by. Sometimes a dog will come by too which is obviously his favourite. Now, he can look outside on his own! I'm looking forward to him becoming a bit more mobile as I think he's pretty bored with the same old toys and routine each day. This afternoon we're checking out his probable day care for next year...hope it goes well! I'm planning on going back part time in September which means I would be working every other day and then home with the little guy on my days off. I have enjoyed this maternity leave time soooooo much although I must admit, it def. takes some adjustment due to the lack of social interaction and the different form of productivity. I have so enjoyed watching Kai grow and am so thankful for year long mat. leave, we are so lucky here!

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  1. Kaiser BUn! Man...I feel like I haven't seen him in so long! (k, so it was Thursday night..but still!). Jon wouldn't let me hold him...but I also didn't want the usual pre-night-shift vomit he seems to love. OH, but on nelly he sure did love my hair, eh? At least it's good for a laugh! :) He's such a happy little boy!!!