Sunday, April 22, 2007

Almost two years...

In another month, Gary and I will celebrate two years of being married to one another. I thought I'd write about it now because its been a whole lotta blogging about Kai lately! I just wanted to say what I appreciate about Gary.
See, I thought I wanted a guy with a personality like mine but that would've been a disaster!!! For my go go go attitude, he's very laid back Ex. he won't try to pass someone going 5km/hour under the speed limit whereas I wouldn't give it a second thought. We're very safe driving with him:) I also think its important to be able to be in the car ready to go within a minutes notice and he likes to take about 15 minutes putting on his socks and shoes while sitting down. I think he's enjoying himself a little more than i do:)
Also, I like to talk about everything; what I saw on tv, how I'm feeling, foods I'm craving, stuff that needs to get done, every single thing that happened in our football game...etc.. And Gary? Well, sometimes I wish he'd talk more but he is a really good listener which is even better (for me). Sometimes I'm nervous to do something like walking along steep cliffs or handing in a paper for school (I'm taking a course) but Gary has faith in me and believes that I can do these things, and well. Gary also loves to cook and if I have a hankering for anything, boom, there it is! I just say `Gary, I feel like pecan pie!' An hour later, there it is! Mmmmmmmmm....
Being that Gary lived on his own for a long time, he's super good at housecleaning stuff too, especially bathrooms. He'll scrub the shower/bathtub way better than I ever would.
WE've learned a lot from watching tv together..he's introduced me to people on tv like Jamie Oliver, Cabbie on the Street (who I think is pretty funny) and Stump the Schwab. He'll even watch America's Next Top Model with me, although we do actually watch it for the same reason, to see how makeup, clothes and lighting can create some pretty amazing photos! We also share our 3 favourite shows; House, Lost and The Office. I love watching the Office together...if you are ever in a fight, watch this together and through laughter, your love will grow!!! Talking about tv, it does drive me crazy that he'll watch a sports game and then the highlights after the game and then the highlights at 11pm. By the way, is there EVER a month without a sport...its always playoffs or tournaments in something (right now, hockey and basketball...although baseball has started up again too)!! Gary has also taught me how to paint, how to cook with little tips like `a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one!' and that its always good to freeze your ginger.
He's super good at being a little rougher with Kai then I would be, which is good I guess. I look forward to seeing their relationship grow over the years.
Well, we've learned a lot about eachother and it isn't always the easiest thing in the world but at least we're going through it together! So Gary, happy 1 year and 11 months:)


  1. I ALWAYS watch the game, the hilights at 10:00 and then at 11:00 on a different channel to see if they got a new take on it. Maybe now my love for Gary will grow.

    By the way, what a great wedding. And the drive up with Reimer, James, Van Hove, Trilby, Dave VH and all the rest...soooo fun!

  2. Interesting Weezer! hm! how about Gary writes a blog about everything he's learned these past two years?!