Monday, April 02, 2007

April Snowfalls (?)

Seems so oxymoronic with the blossoms and all. This was taken this morning when it started, it hasn't stopped!

Kai will be 8 months old tomorrow. He's really started `talking' a lot, like he's having a conversation with himself and its so cute! He also has taken to lifting his legs in his crib and slamming them down, you know, like a beaver slaps its tail in danger. Anyway, he does this sporadically throughout the night waking us up. He still has a bald spot which is strange because the only time he lays on his back is when sleeping, the rest of the time he's upright (and has been for several months). He has only gained a few ounces in the last 2 months, is this a concern? Mom's out there? For the first 6 months of life, he gained 2lbs/month so this is strange to me. When we hold his hands he now puts one foot in front of the other so maybe he'll walk before he crawls? We put him in the nursery at church and he did really well so that's good! It's good practice for me too:)
Talking about practice, we had a 2 hour football practice on Saturday and it was sunny and now I'm so sore. I may be QBing this season which always adds some stress but its a good challenge.
Talking about challenge, I'm taking a course right now which is so not my forte but its good to challenge yourself!? It's on the political, social and legal context of education....should be interesting to see what kind of papers I can write, its been a while! For my first paper, I get to incorporate Gandhi's autobiography which I've always wanted to read anyway so that's what I've been reading these past few days.
Have a great snowy day all, thanks for stopping by and reading!


  1. Quentin didn't gain weight for almost 9 months. It was a strange thing. He was in 18 month clothes for a year. He's doing fine, but didn't break the thirty-pound mark until well after Jade was born. Apparently nothing to worry about.

    :) Be well.

  2. re: "April Snowfalls (?)"
    I'm not sure that 'oxymoronic' would really be a suitable word as it tends to have an accepted usage with regards to figures of speech. Perhaps 'ironic', 'inconruous', 'absurd', or even 'unexpectedly juxtaposed'. Sorry to quibble over mere semantics but it struck me as a little off. Lovely photo none-the-less. Oh, and I enjoy your blog, thanks. Take care.

  3. I knew someone would say that!!! I know it literally means two contradictary words together but I was thinking of a visual oxymoron which I guess doesn't exist, well, it does in the form of irony:) You want to edit my paper on Gandhi's political leadership?