Thursday, April 26, 2007

Clearance bin

Okay. Don't judge. So, I go to Extra Foods about 4 times a week. Do I go because I love it there? Well, not really. I go because we just have one car which Gary takes most of the time, and its within walking distance for me. Its nice to walk so that I get some exercise and to make it worthwhile, I spread out my grocery shopping over the week. Besides, you can only put so many groceries in the bottom of the stroller. What makes it really worth it though? The clearance bins. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a deal. I think its the way that we grew up but we all share this love differently. My dad, he loves garage sales. Maria, she is the coupon queen. Me? I love sale racks and clearance bins. So...let me explain the 4 clearance bins at Extra Foods and the order in which I approach them.
When I first arrive, I head to the fruit and veggie clearance bin. I only look for a bag of carrots, apples or pears so that I can make baby food for Kai. I can get pounds of pears or apples for $1.00! Then, I head off the next bin which is the dessert bin. I am only looking for one item, and I've only found it 3 times since September. It's the M+M cookies, other than those, I like to do my own baking. So, usually I take a quick glance and head on. The next bin is the bread bin. Here I can get a great multigrain flax loaf of bread for $1.50 instead of the regular $3.75ish. Sometimes (like yesterday) they had this cheese bread that Gary loves for $1.75 but that's only on special occassions because we know that white bread isn't good for us. I just freeze the bread and its good to go. The last bin is my favourite. It is in the far end of the store and it contains all the non food items...clothes, shampoos, towels, dinnerware, candles etc. My last great find was allergy medication! I have really bad allergies (hay fever) and can't stand to pay $20.00+ for a month supply of antihistamines (I know, I'm so cheap), but I found boxes of 36 tablets for $4.84 and they don't expire for a long time so I stocked up. Very exciting. There was a time period of 4 days in which that last clearance bin was not there. I thought it would be gone forever, I tried to remain calm. Thankfully, it returned. Guess where I'm going in an hour from now? Just waiting for Kai to wake up. Probably not too much in the bins today as the best time to go is on MOnday mornings. Please don't all rush there, leave me some good stuff. Remember, don't judge:)

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  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    oh louise i love you. this was a classic post. it makes me so thankful for blogs as they really help to see another side to a person. seriously. i loved this. and i would never judge you as i love clearance and sale bins too. in my family, well with my mom, we like to use code and say that we are going looking for Clarence. i hate that in France they really only have two big sales a year, in January and at the end of summer.