Saturday, April 14, 2007

Good morning!

What a day, and its only 2pm! So, this morning we had our first football game. Let's talk highlights first; sunny weather, 3 times being approx. 5 yards from the end zone, a turnover (go Leah go!), good workout. Flip side; we lost:( Being within 5 yards of the end zone doesn't give you any half points, too bad. Once I coulda ran in a touchdown but my flag fell off by itself and if that ever happens, the play is dead there....grrrrrr.... Anyway, no one got hurt and it was good to play again. I felt that I played okay and although I did throw an interception, the positive side is we still really got a good 10 yards out of that third down cuz we pulled her flag right away.
What else?? Swap meet!! Got Kai some nifty new clothes (sleepers, jeans) and one of those popper toys that you push around (I had one as a kid and I got it for just 50 cents!). I did buy something silly. There were these cleats for a 3 or 4 year old and I was envisioning Kai playing some soccer and they were just $1.00 so I accidentally bought them. Got to talk with Brent and Melissa for a bit too which was nice. Love those swap meets. WE got there when it was almost over which I think makes me behave a lot more rationally and relaxed:)
What's up for the rest of the day? Little laundry, edit a paper, relax.

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