Sunday, March 25, 2007

What's Up?

Few things;
1. Football has started again! Yippee!! We cancelled practice due to the rain yesterday but our first game will be April 14th. Good times.

2. I have made 2 resolutions; accept a compliment and speak thinking that people want to hear what I have to say. I often feel that when I say things, people are thinking `why is she saying that? That doesn't make sense etc' so I speak really quickly and summarize my point so much that it sometimes doesn't make sense. Either that, or I ramble.

3. We went to a wedding last night, it was at 7pm with a dessert buffet afterwards (with swing dancing but we had left already). If we got married again, maybe we would do that, it was a really nice idea:) We didn't stay long though because my dad had Kai and Kai doesn't sleep anywhere but his crib. I am putting him into `training' this week. I will be putting him to bed in his playpen so that he gets used to it and we/others can actually put him to bed in different places.

4. I can't believe Kai is almost 8 months! He can crawl/push himself backwards and his favourite thing to say is `na na na na na'. Okay, that's all he really says besides emitting a high pitched squeal intermittently. I'm trying hard to get his na na na to turn into ma ma but no such luck! He is behind schedule with the teething though, technically on average, babies have teeth between 3-7 months and he's got nothing! I don't know when I started teething but my neice started at this time so we'll see. I'm in no rush, as long as they come in eventually!

5. We watched `Stranger Than Fiction' and it was okay, I had really been looking forward to it. Maybe give it a 7/10. I liked the numbers aspect and the graphics with the storytelling.

6. Gary had a root canal this week. I guess its not as bad as people always say, he was fine!

7. Finally, just a weird thought. I love my son so much more every single day. To be honest, I did not feel the `Oh, I love this baby so much, my life is now complete' feeling when I had him. I felt like `The Baby Story' on TLC made me feel like a bad mom for not feeling `it' right away. When I saw Kai, I didn't even recognize him and I thought I would. He didn't look like me or Gary (but Gary assured me that he never left his side while I was in recovery so he was def. ours). When he was born, I just felt that I cared about him. After a couple months came the love and now is a point when I have that scary, intense love that awes me. I think he is so amazing and I feel very blessed:)

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  1. I too am not put off by #7. Of course, when Quentin came out, my thought was "I know I'm going to love you more than I can bear." It was just too strange to associate this person in my arms with the person who had been in me, right away. Later of course came the knowledge that it was going to be overwhelming loving one person this much already, and bringing another child into our family.