Friday, March 02, 2007

7 months old

A couple scrapbook pages from when he was born...

His page last month...

This would be today's page (below)...

He would not go down for his nap! He cried like CRAZY. I asked him if this is what he wanted me to post as his 7 month shot and he kept crying, so I think I'll have to get a better one tomorrow:) I gave him some teething tablets...I'm thinking his mouth is in some pain as he is constantly chomping on his hands and his nose is a little runny. I've been thinking that he's been teething for 3 months now so who knows when the tooth will make an actual appearance.
Tomorrow Kai will be 7 months old. I weighed him this morning and was very shocked to see that he actually lost weight this month (just 4oz but still, no gain!). I'm not sure if this is normal but he has started being very active, naps just twice a day (he always used to nap 3X), and now he only eats during the day so maybe that's why. Maybe I did the math wrong (I stand on the scale with him and then without him) so I'll try again later.
7 months sounds really old to me! He is 10 billion times easier than he was as a newborn but lately he's turned into a bit of a momma's boy. He needs to know I'm always in the room and the second he actually realizes that I've left the room, he goes from giggling to crying. The major changes this month are that he has stopped slobbering, he eats 3 solid meals a day and has gone down to 2 naps.
From what I can tell of his personality, he is very observant. He doesn't give the quick smile to everyone, he likes to stare for a while first at everything going on around him. He's quite laid back (Annika can steal his toys and knock him over and that's okay with him) and he loves music (in the car, my singing, or playing the little piano by himself). The biggest giggles are elicited when I lay him down on our bed and do a belly flop right next to him.
It felt like the first 4 months took forever, seriously, way harder than I thought and no one told me it would be so crazy. I don't think that I took into consideration what kind of person I would turn into while sleep deprived night after night. I wasn't able to nap during the day because I'm one of those people whose mind just goes and goes, so, I was just living on a few hours a night. I seriously wondered if we would ever be able to have another, a sibling for Kai. Next time, i will make myself nap. Fortunately, a month full of solid 8 hour sleeps has returned me to the Louise I once was, the Louise I was afraid was gone forever! I now have more energy than Gary!!! Yippee!! I can't fall asleep before 11:30pm!! Yippee!! Since the fourth month though, time has been flying. That's okay, I like each month more and more. I know I should be careful what I ask for but I can't wait for him to be running around! Well, hear him crying. Lucky me, he only slept for 26 minutes...this will be a long afternoon.
As a sidenote, if I see one more snowflake....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

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  1. Yes, you certainly are blogging a lot!
    Well, congrats on being a one-year home owner, as well as a 7-month-baby owner. Two big changes! Good ones!
    Kaiser bun sure is cute!