Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hockey Night with Daddy

What could he find so interesting?

Could it be watching hockey with daddy? I couldn't get the attention of either of them! I remember when I was pregnant saying `We won't ever let him watch tv as a baby'...oops...

Kai's newest thing is pulling off his socks and eating them all the time. He's a little confused here that this one doesn't come off!

I've been monitoring Kai's weight daily as he had lost quite a few ounces (for those of you that don't have kids, ounces might not sound like much but I don't think that babies should be losing weight). I've been feeding him a lot more solids and he gained back what he lost but hasn't gained any weight beyond that yet. He's still a solid 20lbs 6oz (just like he was last month).

A little note on baby food. I make all of his food and it tastes pretty good if you ask me! I've tried out two baby jars (squash and banana) because I just wanted to compare the taste and see if he would eat it if we go camping or on a trip, and it was so gross! He ate it just the same but I could barely handle the smell, and there was no way I was going to try that out. So far, his favourite seems to be the pears but he'll eat anything (as long as its pureed, he won't eat any little chunks yet).

The weather today was so super awesome! It seemed like everyone was outside today and they all seemed so friendly. I can't wait for the summer!


  1. I need to lose a few ounces too.

  2. Those are beautiful pictures. Yes, as a child becomes more active and stops eating in the night, they lose a little. It should even out soon. (Also most solid food, at least the food I made our children, has less fat than milk does.) Sleep is wonderful. I miss my afternoon naps.

    That backpack carrier is the same one we have, and it's wonderful. We took Quentin around Italy in it. Jade enjoys it too. Kai may learn to sleep in it, our children did although they both tried really hard to never do so.

    Be well.

  3. I'm gonna be honest here, Gary's lookin pretty tough in that picture. Glad to see you are both doing well.