Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

I wondered what was taking Gary 3 hours to make a power point. I snuck up on him and realized that there was a movie playing on his monitor (beside the power point) and he was looking at flyers which he placed inside his textbook so I wouldn't notice (it did take me 10 seconds to realize the science 8 textbook wouldn't have computers all over the pages). Not sure why he was trying to hide it from me...I'm not his mother or his teacher!

Kai has started playing the piano and loves making lotsa noise.

He loves eating his socks. I even put shoes on him and he managed to pull those off too.

Cute smiles:)
So, not much exciting this weekend. Yesterday I had football practice in the pouring rain and Gary has been doing school work (report cards etc). He made some super yummy calzones last night, the dough was fabulous and the chicken and cheese inside was even better! Then, he made brownies so we could have a yummy brownie sundae for dessert. Mmmmm food.
I read two good books this week (I'd rate them 7/10); Never Let Me Go and My Sister's keeper. Both touched on the same topic in a very different way. One (My Sister's Keeper) was a realistic story of a girl that was genetically chosen to be implanted in her mother's womb in order that her umbilical cord blood could help her older, sick sister. However, her older sister needs more and more of what the younger sister has (eventually her kidney). The second one (Never Let Me Go) was kind of `Handmaid's Tale'ish. It was about children that were raised to be `donators'. At the age of 17 they would start donating their organs until they `completed' (died). Anyway, I'd recommend both of them!

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  1. i love the picture where kai is eating his sock! too cute! both those books sounds good..i may have to check them out.