Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Break Experience/Experiment

We left Thursday after school and headed down to San Francisco. The plan for the trip was to go camping in the sun and to try to be like we were before Kai. Besides, it had been a whole year since I'd been camping, we were long overdue for a trip! Well, we drove through the night so that Kai would sleep the whole time. He did okay but Gary and I were exhausted by the time we got to San Fran at 9am the next day. It was super warm (prob. 25C) so we tried to stick to the shade although we all managed to get the missed spots of sunscreen.

Kai's highlights from the trip include; eating his socks, sucking his toes, being licked by a dog, and watching the birds. I have never seen him so in love and so happy as when that dog slobbered all over him!

Gary and Kai having a nap in the park. I had to nurse Kai to sleep but at least we finally got him to fall asleep without his crib (as was the theme for the trip).

We slept in a hotel for our first night in an attempt to rest up. Unfortunately, the cops had to be called at 1am due to rowdiness (ya, not us). Fortunately, Kai slept through it, Gary and I did not. We hung out at Golden Gate park in the morning and walked around and Gary took some photos. Then, we headed out to Half Moon Bay just an hour south of San Francisco. We spent a lot of time walking and it was super windy so we tried to keep Kai warm.

Kai fell asleep in Gary's arms as we were walking along the beach, he never does that at home so it was super cute. The night was cold and lets just say, it was another night of little sleep for all of us. Kai ended up pretty much in my sleeping bag and not really sleeping at all..I ended up nursing him and singing to him for 3 hours in order to get him to sleep (I didn't want him to scream and wake up the whole campground, normally at home, I'd let him cry it out a bit).We decided to save camping for when he's a bit older and he can handle the cooler weather. So, we headed home a day early and stayed in a motel along the way. Kai has almost stayed in more hotels than I ever have!

This was our campsite, it was right on the bluff next to the water. There were lots of pretty flowers and the view was amazing. In conclusion, we learned the following;
1. We are looking forward to just Gary and I getting away for a trip (in a few years maybe:))
2. Kai throws up a lot on long road trips. No fun to see your baby sick:(
3. No weather is good for a baby; it's either too sunny, too windy, or too cold!
4. It was nice to get out the ole tent and eat some good old camping food....mmm...beef jerky:)
5. I don't know how anyone gets to work in San Francisco, the highways are insanely busy.
6. I love beaches and the ocean. Love them.
7. It was nice to just have lotsa time to chat with Gary, I didn't even make him play silly car games with me.
8. Next time we go camping, we'll stick closer to home:) I do love half moon bay though, maybe when the kid(s) are older (no, there is no other kid on the way!!)
9. A van would've been handy, just being able to sit back there with him and feed him etc.
10. Gary and I prayed for a safe trip and for an extra dose of patience with eachother and our prayers were answered:)
11. You can listen to the same kids praise cd over and over all the way from Vancouver to San Francisco (it was soothing music I guess...well, soothing to him!).
So, that was our trip. I hope it doesn't sound like we didn't have fun. We did. We set out in order for it to be a learning experience and it was. Camping and road tripping etc. will never be the same and I accept that, it's just another thing to add to the `I now have to be completely unselfish' pile:) I think that once Kai enjoys it a bit more, then I will too. I think he was happiest tonight, when he was playing on the floor with all of his regular toys:)


  1. I had a similar experience with Shaylah when I drove to visit my sister in Montana last October. She wouldn't sleep unless she was in bed with me and nursing or driving in the car. It gets better after each trip (and as they get a bit older), so don't give up so soon! I am glad you had fun anyway.

  2. Live and learn. Glad you had fun. We will definately be bringing over Bailey so Kai can enjoy more dog slobber.

  3. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Crazy kids!

    Sarah V

  4. sounds like a lot of fun, and a definate learning experiance! i'll have to keep a few of those things in mind for the future ;) super cute pic of gary holding sleeping kai!