Friday, January 12, 2007


I think men and women feel hunger differently. I think I feel it like a baby feels it. If I'm hungry, I need to eat right then and there. It almost starts to hurt. Gary thinks I'm exaggerating and tells me not to think about it if we are in the car or something. I think I'm like most girls, so guys, if you are with a girl and she says she's hungry, get her some food and don't just say `Don't think about it'! Otherwise, following the hunger comes irritability! If I'm alone on this one, sorry to the other girls for lumping you in the category.
Maybe its just that Gary and I feel hunger differently. We def. eat differently. He will eat 3 chips at a time, or a huge fork full for every bite. I will eat one chip at a time or a small little bite to savour each one. However, I think he enjoys good food better than I do. Maybe?
I had Mr. Noodles the other day for the first time in years (don't worry, they weren't in our house Gary!) and it was just good because it brought back so many memories of camping as a kid. Do you have that with smells too? I think one of my favourite smells is diesel. It reminds me of playing outside as a kid while my dad was using a chainsaw or carrying us around on the tractor. He used to put us in the front bucket (whatever its called) and raise it up so we could get the best blackberries in the summer (and also the guarantee that no dogs peed on those ones!)

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  1. Maybe it's a Dekens girl thing? Cuz oh nelly, if hunger comes, and I am unable to satisfy it...I get a tad irritable!