Friday, January 26, 2007

It's gone!

The white spot has disappeared but I'm sure it will return as he is not feeling so hot right now. Basically his lower lip is permanently sucked back over his gum trying to soothe it. I think I'll get some baby teething stuff today (not Rum) sister recommended this organic tablet from save-on...have to try it. Can you believe the sunshine??? It's amazing!
Oh ya, my dream (kind of, I would never make it and I would prob. throw up on stage) is to appear on Jeopardy. I took the test this week (they only offer it once or twice a year) and did horribly (they don't tell you your score but I'm pretty sure). I was hoping that there would be lots of science and bible questions and there were about 5/50 in that category. I got one football question though...go me! The stress of just 15 seconds to answer a question was too much and my brain really hasn't been exercised much these past few months. I wanted to get Gary's help on a few, but I refrained. Maybe next year...
I've started a new book; Sweetness in the Belly, and so far, its great!
Kay, time to make some oatmeal cookies...

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