Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm so grown up!

I can hold my own bottle! It's so funny how the smallest things make him seem so grown up:) Hey, what's up with all the rain?! As soon as Kai wakes up, we're heading out for our walk...gotta get some good use out of my rubber boots which I bought for the Biology 11 trip to Bamfield (as a teacher, not a student...they are not that old!). Also, so pumped that the weather outlook after Wed. does not contain any precipitation! I'm getting nervous about finding day care for September so I've asked around at a few daycares (home ones), but each one I've asked tells me to wait until closer to the date...I know it'll all work out in the end so I shouldn't worry. Gary never worries, we had a good discussion about it yesterday (based on Philipians 4). Okay, he's been slightly anxious maybe 2 times in the past year. Me? I'm worried about something every day. Usually, I'm worried about someone else, does that make it any better? I don't know. Wow, that's a lot or rambling, now I'm worried that I shouldn't say that I worry a lot:)


  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    some daycare centres have waitlists over a year long! If you are looking at a family based daycare, you can wait until closer to the date, but if you are not you need to look now! Or six months ago! I have a good one that has space if you's in Walnut Grove, though! For the family ones, you need to tour them now to decide which ones you like. Very important! Then you can phone back in the summer and see if they have space. Also, if you go back in September you need to enroll him at least two weeks early so you can gradually get him used to daycare.

  2. I booked Quentin into a daycare about five months before he started going, and that was licensed out of a house. I would make sure you're very comfortable, that Kai is very comfortable, and maybe even do a half day or two before you decide on it. Or not, depending on your comfort level.

    I was showing Quentin Annika's video, and then moved on to your blog. He said that he hasn't met Kai before, but maybe one day he could. Just so you know. :)

    Be well!