Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How to Help Create Balance in Your Life

I am in a brand new stage of life. Our youngest is now seven years old and I'm guaranteed child-free time from 9 PM until 7 AM each day. Our oldest is a teenager and responsible enough to be left in charge of the other two for short periods of time. Heading into another year of work this September, Gary and I talked about our goals as teachers and parents. We both had the desire to balance our physical health with all that was expected of us (I would add mental health to mine as well). 

How to create balance in your life by starting the day right!

In the past I have felt that there was no time. Sure, there were evenings but by that time I was just so tired. I had heard of people getting up at 5 AM but memories of my dad waking us up at that time to go fishing as teenagers filled my head and I just could not do it. I read the book "The 5 AM Club" and decided to go ahead with some of it's main principles. It has been life-changing and let me tell you why...

To be clear, we do not get up at 5 AM. On weekdays, Gary and I get up at 6 AM and go for a 3 km run together. I take Gary for two reasons: security and accountability. We are home and stretched by 6:30 AM. This gives us 30 minutes before our kids wake up. During that time, Gary works out while listening to a podcast, stretches and showers. I journal (stressors and then grattitudes), drink my coffee alone in the quiet, and shower as well. We set up the kids' breakfast on the table and are dressed and ready for them by the time we wake them up at 7 AM.

A big stressor with both of us working last year was that mornings were chaos. Last year we did have a toddler with us (fostering) which contributed to it–getting her ready and off to daycare was a lot of extra work. Our kids are a lot more independent this year and we have almost everything prepped the night before (lunches, clothes, backpacks etc).

Being able to focus 100% of our attention on our kids in the morning has been so much calmer for them and us. I used to want them to be quiet so I could enjoy my coffee and it just ended up being the most stressful cup of coffee every morning.

This may not work for you for where you are in life but I do want to recommend it. We have been running together in the mornings for three weeks now and I feel like I not only got an extra hour to myself each day but I am a better wife and mom because of it. I am calmer, more productive and fitter–major wins in my book!

In addition to this, I go for a walk alone in the evenings. I crave quiet and after being around people (students, teachers and my own family) I need this time. I have set my Fitbit to get at least 13,000 steps per day and this helps me.

Not sure if this would work for you but if you are a person who does get consistent sleep, this may be for you! Thoughts?


Creating balance in your life by starting the day right!


  1. Looking forward to when I enter this stage in life. trying to find balance with a 10 year old with special needs (autism) and a very energetic almost 3 year old. Great job!

    1. You're definitely in a tricky stage and with the special needs that might look different down the road regarding being able to leave the house (our middle has special needs). Thank you for your encouragement and hope you can carve time out for yourself :)