Thursday, October 10, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday
Oh do I love thanksgiving weekend! It's not necessarily the family gatherings (we're fortunate to get two with both sides of our family around), it's that:
1. It's a long weekend! If you're a teacher and made it to Thanksgiving weekend, you get a breather!
2. The fall leaves are incredibly gorgeous and the crisp air is invigorating.
3. I love gratitude.
Here are some things I am thankful for in the past week:

1. Family walk at Campbell Valley Park. Well, not the full family. Kai had been at a sleepover so it was best to leave him at home. Our kids had much better attitudes about everything when they were younger but there were still snippets of fun on our walk ;) 

2. Koen is having a great year. So far grade five has been his "best" in regards to going to school and hockey etc. This doesn't mean it's all smooth but it's a lot easier for him to transition to each thing. He has great support at school and a standing desk he can use (might not work for all kids with ADHD but apparently great for him--trying to get one for home too). He's going to be running in cross country in a few weeks and his goal is top 20. Can't wait to watch him because "Determination" is his middle name (Okay, it's really Jacob Daniel after our dads).

3. Rookworst. Something that reminds me of my childhood is Stomppot and rookworst--it's a dutch thing. They have it as part of a fundraiser at school so I always order some. Right now I am working half days (although almost always stay full days to work and bring kids home etc) but next semester I'll be teaching all day and I have no idea how dinner will get on the table. I had hoped Gary could make more but he's often at school later than I am...I'll probably try to get him to make and extra meal on the weekend to put in the fridge/freezer. We can do Costco frozen dinners (like lasagna) but I do want to have homemade as much as possible.

4. My reader. It took her until she was 7 to fall in love with it but I love it! She's devouring Koen's graphic novels and reads for about an hour a day. Yahoo! I'm also a big fan of secondhand furniture to save the world and my wallet. We picked up this nightstand for Nya as well as the bed for Kai below. It was time for Kai to get out of his junior sized bunk bed. We're keeping this bunk bed though because you never know what could happen AND maybe we could use for grandkids down the road?! That sounds hilarious to me, I realize that's a ways away.

Pretend his walls aren't all damaged. Gary gets to paint the basement this Christmas.
5. Hockey season for me (alongside the boys). Finally I'm back at it. I'm glad I've been keeping in shape, sort of. Hockey is a lot of sprinting so I was still so winded even with three lines but at least I have some endurance. We picked up some solid players so I'm feeling good about this season. I'm definitely just an average player so it's hard to feel like I'm not contributing much--still figuring these things out at 41. I've been playing center where I prefer winger. Center just means a lot more quick sprints and defensive play (I find). We won our first game 4-0.

6. Nya is so thoughtful. She is a lot more independent and doesn't need me as much which is a bittersweet phase. 

7. Bubi. He is 10 years old and he is the most important item in our home. Very well loved.

8. Family walk to Black Tiger Coffee. We went to try out the donuts I've seen on Instagram ;) That kind of marketing works on me, I guess! They were good but I don't know that we'll go back for more as our kids are just fine with the cheaper version at Tim Hortons.

9. Koen's cake decorating at school. He was so proud of this "1 Up" mushroom which I had no idea what it was supposed to be. He said he was rushed for time? I just love that he learned how to mix colours and pipe a bit.  Koen is playing the clarinet this year. If you have one to sell, let me know! I am getting my old one serviced but would love one for home and one for school so it doesn't get lost/misplaced in transport each day.

10. Apple crisp. I love it. So easy, affordable, and delicious! Great memories, too.

11. Run for the Cure with my family. Only 2.5 of the families could make it but it was still a good time spent to remember my mom. I think I'm going to organize a fun walk/run for family and friends in May to honour my mom instead...we will see. Maybe the Tynehead loop and then boterkoek and tea afterwards? 

12. Health. I had my mammogram last week and will get the results next week. I don't have any concerns so it should be good. My foot is nearly 100% better (sooooooooooooooo grateful to walk without pain after 11 months!!!). I was diagnosed with an ulcer last Wednesday after several days of bad chest and upper abdomen pain. I had bouts of nausea for days at a time so went to the doctor. I started meds and feel about 80% better today! This is wonderful. Getting older is great but I'm definitely falling apart a bit. Gary and I are both so stiff in the morning when we get up to run or walk at 6 am. It takes a solid 10 minutes for our joints to feel smooth again, isn't that wild? If you can wake up and your joints all move smoothly without any discomfort, appreciate it ;) 

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend (if you're in Canada) and that you can find a few things to be thankful for today. What would be on your list? 


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