Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday
I probably should make a new Thankful Thursday cover photo.
With the second week of school/work almost under our belts I have to say we are doing okay! The early morning starts (6am) for Gary and I definitely make a world of difference. I mentioned it last week but getting up before the kids to exercise, shower and have coffee makes us much nicer parents and people. Our kids never used to sleep in until 7 am so this is a great new routine. All right, what am I grateful for this week?

I am thankful for:

1. E-books! It allows me to read a lot more because I can pull my phone out and read while I'm walking and waiting. This book is great especially if you are a female in love with science. I'm only half way but in love with the way she describes the role of the seed, root and leaves etc--how much has to come into play for it to be successful. I'm not even a big botany girl (oh man, memories of early morning non-vascular plant labs still haunt me) and still really love it.

2. A rhythm for work. Almost. I'm supposed to be just half days this semester but due to meetings and trying to incorporate all that is expected, I'm mostly there full days right now. Kai also has volleyball until 5 PM and jazz band once a week after school (seriously, so happy for these opportunities he has!) so I stay anyway to take the other two home at 3 PM if possible. Always a discussion on who is driving which child where and when. 

3. T coming to visit. I never know how to refer to "T" (our first foster son. I wish there was a better word to describe a child you love like your own but is not your bio child and has now returned home--if you know, let me know). When I picked him up his parents gave us coconuts to drink from and reminded us of our time in the Philipines! Always so great to have him here and to see him doing so well. He still calls us "Mommy Chapman" and "Daddy Chapman" and Nya is his best friend.

4. Our early morning runs. I especially love my quiet coffee in the morning on the patio. This was one of my goals for this year. I haven't lost any weight from running each day but it has helped me mentally immensely! Also, I went to a physio recommended by a friend and she gave my foot muscles a deep massage (so good and so painful!) and it made me feel very hopeful about my foot situation. As we get older, Gary and I are both so grateful for our relative health.

5. Nya never ceasing to surprise me. She said she wanted me to take a picture when she got to the top of medium level climb. She's never climbed before so I kept telling her to do the easy one. She sure showed me! She said "Mom, I think you need to believe in me more" which is hilarious and true. I'm such an encourager but I also veer to the side of realistic expectations and didn't realize what she was capable of. As a side note, she's in grade 2 now and she commented "I'm starting to really notice what everyone is wearing each day. I love looking around the class and seeing all the differences.". This is different than the boys who never really noticed or cared.

6. Nya bike riding. For two years she cried and was full of panic about bike riding. Now? She loves it! She still is panicky about biking in narrow areas but I'd say she's doing great. In the words of Nya "Never give up!" and "I can do this!". She's a big positive self-talker.

7. Great mornings with Koen. I lay out his clothes for the week and he picks any pile he likes. I realize most grade 5 boys might not need this but it makes our mornings go a lot smoother. This is the first year where he does not complain about going to school. I'm sure it will come but I'm grateful that it is going well for him. He says "Mom, I'm a lot more mature this year. I'm also starting to care about what people think about me--just not looks-wise, I'm not going through puberty yet". Ha!

8. Walks by myself. I crave alone time and being a teacher and mother means it doesn't happen unless you are intentional. I've been walking the track by our home each night after dinner and sometimes listen to a podcast or audiobook but otherwise, I'm just alone with my thoughts. My goal this year is all about balance and it's my priority. Let's hope I can stick with it! I think one main way I'm able to do this is that we no longer have a toddler in the home for most days. Although fostering has been one of the most impactful/important things we've done, I know for myself at this age and stage in life, we definitely need a break. 

I'm stopping there (at 8 instead of 10 in my list!).  I'd love to hear something that YOU are grateful for today.


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