Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Hello friends! On Tuesday it was the anniversary of my mom passing away. I had written something (a rough draft) but did not publish it. I may re-work it, we'll see. It was about a card I asked my mom to write for Kai's first birthday because she wouldn't be there for it. Spoiler alert: she never wrote in it. Not sure how this is in any way a segue to a Thankful Thursday post but just filling you in on life.

Thankful Thursday

So, although this week is not my favourite, here are some things I am thankful for today.

1. My mom. Thankful for the 27 years I had her. Praying that I get to at least 60 as I really want to see my kids as adults and possibly be a grandma :)

2. Photos of my Nya Bear. She's such a sweetheart and walked to this field in her heels because it was very important to her for her overall look ;)

3. Watching Kai Bear play hockey. I love watching him. I'm thankful for his healthy body and the way he pushes himself to do his best; he is very talented. I also just love hockey! 

4. Garage sale finds. I try to remind myself that just because it's on sale does not mean I need it. Nya did need gloves as she was borrowing Koen's and the boys have holes in theirs. These are a bit bigger for for $12 for all three it was worth it.

5. Library books. I have so many memories of going to the library on Saturday's with my mom and taking out my limit in books (I believe it was 13 books at the time). Wish I had more time to read and that there was more parking at our closest library (If anyone parks at Muriel Arnason library you know what I'm talking about!).

6. Our home. It is "just" 2100 square feet but it's perfect for us. Yes, we'd love a driveway and a bigger kitchen and bigger yard but overall we're just thankful for how well it works for us. My goal is to pay off our mortgage in 1.5 years which makes me feel a tad giddy!

7. Podcasts! If you read Educated you may enjoy this one.

8. "Free" manicure. When you start a new service at our orthodontist you get a free manicure. I went super safe so that when it chips off I don't need to remove it all too quickly. I say "free" because really those braces cost us $6 k out of pocket (after our minimal extended health insurance). I haven't really worn my engagement ring over the past 5 years because we've had so many young kids in our home. I should probably start wearing it again.

9. Being pet-less. Swimmy Chapman lasted 2 years. We loved Swimmy as much as you can enjoy a fish but it was frustrating when we went on holidays. Being that we are gone most of the summer this was good timing.

10. Being able to donate blood. I'm so glad my hemoglobin levels are high enough. That said, it took almost a full week to feel normal again. It's getting harder the older I get. I'm taking students to donate next week so hopefully the next generation can take it on. Yes, my name is actually "Patricia Louise".

11. Celebrating my dad's 65th birthday at the Abbotsford Flying Club. Yay for health for him and another year of life! My dad is definitely one of a kind.

Okay, many more things to mention but I'll save them for next week. What is something that YOU are thankful for today?


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